How to Survive AP Bio

Shaniqua and the Black Shrimp

Well, here you are.

You've decided to take this course as one of your AP and science credits.

What a mistake you've made. You moron.

Don't you worry -- we've got your back!

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First things first

Get to know Mrs. Martin! She may seem freaking insane at times but in all honesty, she's only here to help you get a 5 on the AP test. If you have any questions or concerns, she is always here to listen to you. She will take everything you say into consideration and try to find a way to improve the learning environment.
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F is for Friends who do things together!!

The only way to really make it out of this class alive is to make friends (particularly smart friends). They are suffering through AP Biology with you and can provide some insight and knowledge (and tears) for any assignment you're working on.

However, CHEATING IS UNACCEPTABLE AND NEVER THE ANSWER. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Mrs. Martin gives you several opportunities to boost your grade -- you'll be fine if you get a few bad grades here and there. Don't fret! (-:

Bippity Boppity Bio

Tests are a frequent occurrence in this class whether you like it or not. Be sure to allow PLENTY of time to study. Start studying at least 2 days before the test. To prepare, you'll need to watch all of the videos and read the textbook chapters in order to learn all the material. We're not gonna lie, the textbook chapters can get quite lengthy and extremely boring. We suggest breaking up the chapters into 5 or 10 page increments you can spread out over a few days that way you don't have to spend 3 hours the night before the test reading the textbook.

Basically, if you stay on top of the assignments and stay ahead as much as possible you'll be fine!

Give me an A! **A** Give me a P! **P** AP!!

If you are taking this course, you are probably planning on taking the AP exam (ew). There are many options for the review book you can use -- Barron's, Cliff's Notes, Princeton, etc. While all of these are great books that will prepare you for the exam, we suggest getting the most recent Cliff's Notes book because it proved to be the most effective. Before you dive into studying with these, realize that the practice questions in the review books are much easier than the questions on the AP test. They give you an idea of what to expect but just be aware that the AP test has questions that are more about critical thinking and interpreting information than just straight knowledge.

Remember, you can't spell trAP without AP.

Because this class is a death sentence.