by-Javaylah lopez

Do children go to primary school and do they wear uniforms?

Young children go to primary school.They have to wear uniforms but they have to have a smock or another uniform under it. In Argentina the kids have a schedule. Some start school at 8:00 a.m and get out at 12:00 p.m.Then other kids start at 12:30 and get out of school at 3:00p.m. There are also activities after school. Boys & girls play hide-n-seek,tag,hopscotch,video games,and soccer.Girls though like to play house and play with dolls.
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Why is sheep raising important that it it now Argentina's major economic activity?

Sheep raising is Argentina's economic activity because of sheep all over farms and pampas.This happends because of propriders but more with the soil.Some parts of Argentina province the pastureit is good that an acre will support two-three heads of
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What is the different kinds of landforms?

The Andes mountains run through Argentina for many miles. It also contains the worlds widest river called el Rio de la Plata. Argentina also has one of the worlds most spectacular waterfall called Iguazu Falls.

What happened in 1516? After an economic crisis what happened? When did Argentina and Great Britain go to war and why?

Spanish explorer Juan Diaz De Solis claims Argentina for Spain. A severe economic crisis leaves more then half the population in poverty. Which lead to violent protest.Argentina and Great Britain went to war in 1982 over Falkland Island.