New Standards? No Problem!

Resources for Fourth Grade Social Studies

ATTN: Fourth Grade Teachers

The new fourth-grade social studies standards ask students to investigate Montana geography, analyze human-environmental interaction, learn about Montana tribes, tribal territories, and federal Indian policy, and explain how Montana has changed over time. It's a lot, but the Montana Historical Society has got you covered.

Come learn about Montana: A History of Our Home, the new curriculum and textbook designed specifically for fourth grade. The curriculum’s interdisciplinary lessons incorporate ELA, math, art, and IEFA, to make it easier to include social studies into your busy school day. And the interactive activities may just make social studies your students’ favorite subject. Join us to learn more.

Presented by Martha Kohl, Montana Historical Society & Jennifer Hall, Eureka Middle School

Participants will receive three (3) OPI renewal units for completing this session.

Register on PIRnet: Session #9810

Open to all Fourth Grade Teachers (Co-op and Non Co-Op)

Tuesday, March 15th, 1-4pm

Gateway Community Center, Kalispell, Entrance B Food Court