Complete Self-Defense

Rated R

What makes our training complete and different from other One-Day Seminars?

Dragon Family Martial Arts tackles the common problems in One-Day self-defense seminars.

You can't learn how to fight off an attacker in one day. Although we use natural reactions and practical body movement to our advantage, applying the tools correctly takes thousands of repetition. Our system is permanant to provide continuing education so you get repetition for retention. We also provide a progressive program to simulate real life pressures during attacks.

If you are not fit enough to get off the floor, how can you get away from an attacker?
You are prey and predators go for the easiest prey. They use the advantage of surprise and strength. You need mobility no matter where the fight goes. Training includes all ranges of combat with exercise and guidance to achieve survival fitness.

You are being nice. Women are trained by social standards to be nice. Research shows that victims can feel guilt for being "rude" to an attacker. Rape is not a normal part of social behavior and should not be treated as such. So we need to change our mindset to the situation. You have to make the decision to fight before an attack happens, otherwise, your are too late. Training will teach you to find your survival instinct where it can be a normal part of your being. It will be tool in your arsenal of survival skills.

Trial Week

Monday, Nov. 12th 2012 at 7pm

Professional Fitness Building - 13901 E Noland Ct, Independence, MO 64055

Trial Week $20
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