All About Soccer

by Adriene Maloney


Have you ever played soccer? I have and it's awesome!!!I Hey today I will be telling you about the best sport ever - soccer.

chapter 1 How To Play Soccer

if you want to know how to play soccer this is the book for you. First thing you need to know is you have to run a lot unless your goalie. In games the way you tell which team is which is their uniform is different colors. Everyone has to kick the ball. There's throw-ins too,it's better if you do them fast so the other team can't catch up. For goal kicks either the goalie or a defender does them so the offenders can get up the field and score. And last corner kicks. Corner kicks are usually the best kick because it's the easiest kick to score on,the hardest foot on the team does those.

chapter 2 The Eqiupment

equipment for soccer is very important. Without it people could get seriously hurt. For the equipment it's important to have shinguards. Make sure their under your long socks so another player doesn't get their foot stuck and twist their ankle. Then there's cleats. Also make sure you have a PUMPED up ball.

chapter 3 Positions For 6v6

There's a lot of positions for soccer but today I'm doing 6v6. So there is Midfield which is my favorite. There is also striker, front defense, back defense, and goalie.

chapter 4 Cards and Penaltys

Red card your out! For cards and penalty's you have to use your body to get the ball, not your elbows. There are two different kinds of kicks, a penalty kick and a free kick. For a penalty kick it's only you and the goalie, for a free kick it's you and whosever on the field. If you get a red card your out for two games. If you get a yellow card it's a warning. And if you get two yellow cards it's a red card also.

chapter 5 Girl Soccer Superstars

Ow my knee! Theres Alex Morgan she tore her A.C.L and thought she would never play soccer again, but she turned out on the women's world cup. Abby Wambach actually retired this year, but she had an amazing header goal against China. Hope Solo is the goalie for the women's world cup she's one of the best goalies in the world. And last but not least Carli Lloyd she was the leading score this year!!! I hope you peeps like this story and learned a lot about soccer, by!!!
Alex Morgan - The Talented Girl - Goals And Skills 2015 HD