Just Another Hero

By, Sharon M. Draper Genre, Realistic Fiction

"You have a Split Second: To Think. To Act. To be a Hero."

Many characters, each and every one was affeted by a hazing ritual that lead to the death of a beloved classmate, Joshua. Now the high schoolers face new challenges in the aftermath of a tragedy. Everyone needs a hero. Maybe they will learn to be one themselves.


Her mother married a new man. At first Arielle is suspicious of him because of how closely he follows the amount of money she spends on every day items. Her mom doesn't do anything about this though, because he has lots of money and a beautiful house that they live in. It is not until he runs away, taking everything except for the house from them that they realize how terrible he is. This happens right after Arielle's new iPhone is stolen at school.


November's baby, Sunshine was just born and she recently returned to high school. All of her friends are happy to see that she and her baby are healthy and happy. She was dating Josh before he died. This was his baby that she must now raise on her own.


He was Josh's cousin. He is curently battling himself, his friends, and his future. Preiously a victim of peer pressure will he be able to stand up when everyone needs him most?


Kofi is battling a pain killer addiction that started when he broke his arm during the hazing ritual. He was also accepted into a scholarship program to get into any college he wants for free. This is great for him because his parents are struggling with money but don't seem to care because they go out partying every night. He must support himself with only minimum wage from his job at McDonalds.

Crazy Jack

Everyone has grown to ignore him. After years of making as much harmless noise as possible, trying to get attention people now just keep walking. Every day he makes his way down the hallway banging drums. He hates not being noticed. People suspect him when the fire alarm is pulled and he just can't take it. Something inside of Jack explodes.


All the kids at school pick on him because he is a little different. He decides not to tell anyone, just yet. He knows who the school thief is but doesn't have the proof to report it. Asking Arielle to help him could be a long shot. When she agrees their mission takes off. Within no time they have the thief caught, blue handed!

In the end.

The stress left over from the accident has put too much pressure on someone. An AK-47 shows up at school and the students in Spoon's English class are held hostage. Will someone come to their rescue? Is he going to shoot? Who will be the hero?