Instructional Tech Talk

October 2018 Issue 6

Keep up the hard work!

Fall is upon us and the sugar of Halloween just around the bend. Throughout the district great things are occurring, staff and students are persevering and continuing to test the waters of NEW concepts, methods and learning tools. Keep up these great efforts, don't get discouraged if your students "don't get it", they will in time. Continue to give them opportunities to create and demonstrate their learning in non-traditional methods (analog or digital).

A reminder from a recent podcast I was listening too on the way to work...

  • "When things don’t go well, consider breaking out into smaller subgroups. This will allow you to better differentiate the students in your classroom and better meet their needs."-Jeff Bradbury & Nick Amaral, Ask The Tech Coach podcast

If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to me if you have ideas about how we can work together.

Upcoming Workshops through the WTRC

November 5th: Online Collegial Circle on ISTE's "Flipped Learning for Elementary"

November 8th: OneNote - Ready Math PDF integration

Tech Integration Highlights Across Waterloo CSD

Tech Integration Highlight

From Mrs. Warrick: "After a unit of direct instruction, I used Mentimeter to get kids to buy in before flipping the next unit. Worked like a charm."

Tech Tip: Microsoft Education Community
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Tech Tool Highlight

Screen casting/ Screen Recording Chrome Extension
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EdCamp FLX

Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 7:30am-12pm

215 Granger Street

Canandaigua, NY

Tech Tip Suggestions

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