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Welcome to Earth Week! April 20-24, 2015

This Week at a Glance

Dear Families,

Welcome to Earth Week! I can hardly believe it is already getting to be the end of the year, it seems like just yesterday we all began this journey through sixth grade! I am excited about all the activities at the end of the year, many of which some of you are already familiar with - Please bear with me as your newsletters (especially this one) may be longer than usual as I try to keep you informed about all the activities taking place!

La Canada Home Tour Fundraiser

Congratulations Homeroom! Your support for the LC Home Tour Fundraiser surpassed all other sixth grades in the district- Not only did your students win a pizza party but you will be first to register for 7th grade on August 5th! Your support benefits the 7/8 School and LCHS and all of the amazing learning and leader building they do!!

Monday- Wear Gray, Computers cancelled due to 4th grade testing

Tuesday-Wear Green, Art Cancelled due to fourth grade testing

Wednesday - Wear Blue, Music - LCE TECH Night

Thursday - Wear Brown, Drama

Friday - Wear Multicolored, bright clothing! - Be Bright - Be Colorful! - Most colorful people honored with tickets! Statistics Project Due, Unit Five Science Notebook work due

*Sixth Grade Activities Committee will be selling plants all week to support the World Wildlife Foundation - Students can purchase an undercoated container for 1.00, decorated containers for 3.00 and students can plant seeds of their own choosing in them! A great gift for Mothers Day!

Upcoming Events for your Calendar

5/1 Volcano/Earthquake Event Projects Due

5/5 Sixth grade panorama photo at PE time

5/6-5/13 Testing for Sixth Grade

5/14 11:35 Minimum Day 6:30 pm Open House

5/15 Imagination Machine Assemblies

5/20 All-Day Dress Rehearsal at Lanterman

5/21 “Dr. DoLittle” Showtimes -9:30 a.m. for LCE K-5th graders 7:00 p.m. for parents

5/22 Early Dismissal - Collaboration Day

5/25 Memorial Day - No School

5/27 6th Grade End of Year - Field Trip (students only; lunch provided) *Details to come

5/28 Sixth Grade Celebration Lunch in the Science Center Sixth Grade Completion Ceremony

5/29 Last Day of School Schedule:

8:30 Sixth Grade Kickball Game

10:30 Sixth Grade Dance Party (students only)

11:30 Farewell Sixth Grade Procession Dismissal

Scale Model Project

The scale model project is just around the corner! (This is a project in which students choose an item, any item and create a larger, scaled model of it with proportionally exact measurements). I am very excited to be able to continue this sixth grade tradition that the students have been buzzing about since Christmas! I will be sending out more detailed information as we get closer to the start, but to give you a heads up in case you are out and about-

Any and all cardboard you have around, are not using, and would not miss, could be made into something amazing here! Send it in with your student, and I will store it for them!

I am collecting materials for students to use to complete their project- Mainly any and all cardboard, and from what I have been told, I am anticipating using a lot of it. :) anything we can reuse and not buy, would be great!

Students may also use clay, tin foil, model magic, etc. I will have some of these supplies available for students to add details to their projects. If this is a material your student would like to complete their entire project out of, please anticipate sending them with a supply of it- but cardboard is a perfectly adequate (and light) material to use.

Some other important notes:

Students will be making everything in class- from start to finish. Anything they bring in cannot pre-prepared, marked, pre-cut, etc.

Students will have access to use x-acto`s and hot glue guns under teacher guidance, but MAY NOT bring in their own ( the x-acto`s for safety reasons, the hot glue guns because I would hate for anyone`s to be broken)

I will be sending out more details as we get closer to the start of project next week!

Thank you in advance for saving and sending in cardboard!!

This Week in Math

Students took their statistics test in class today (Tuesday). We will be beginning review for the SBAC test, and praticing on the chromebooks to familiarize students with the interface of the test. Your student will be bringing home information about online practice tests and how they will be incorporating it for homework, tomorrow.

Statistics Project

Students are collecting a sample of data to reflect 6th grade opinions as a whole on a numerical, statistical question of their choosing. Students have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of analyzing data they have collected in either a poster, flip book, or computer or web-based display. All final graphs will be computer generated. Due to testing, the availability of chromebooks is limited, BUT sixth grade has signed up as often as possible in order to give our students every opportunity to collaboratively explore different means of data display and analyzing its distribution. Students are also welcome to come in at lunch or at recess to use chromebooks or seek assistance.

Please send in headphones/ear buds with your students during the week of testing!

This Week in Science

This week students are finishing their Unit Five Notebook classwork Projects. We have a few things to finish up before moving on to our last science unit. I will be sending home, and posting online, a list of all assignments/group projects due up to the end of the year. With the busy schedule for sixth graders at the end of their last year here at LCE, I want to give them the opportunity to be proactive and help guide them in the management of their time. The list will have all due dates, but they may turn in anything early- this way, if they have some extra time at home or in class, or an evening with light homework, they can work on an assignment that may not be due within the week, but one they can finish early and free up their 'future time.'

I am excited to incorporate some small art projects in our last unit that will be fun and engaging for all students during this test heavy time of year. These will cross the curriculum to reinforce the concepts we are going to be learning in science.

I am also working to add in some last minute STEM projects, as I know the students really engaged in, enjoyed them and were empowered by them earlier this year.

A final Note

In this very busy time of year, where feelings can be big with moving on to the 7/8 school, testing, the play, and all the other activities your students so valiantly take on, please encourage your student to communicate any stress or feelings of being overwhelmed, or confusion with us!!! I want to make sure your student is successful and feels good about their last weeks at LCE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information through, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Miss Patito