The Help

By Sarah Forsyth

A small town girl from Jackson Mississippi comes back from collage to pursue her dream of being a writer. Her name is Skeeter she is 22 years old and her father is a plantation owner.Skeeter lived a very Skeeter wants to be a writer but her mother wants her to be a housewife. When she returns from collage she finds out that her best friend has a maid named Aibileen.

Aibileen is a smart black maid that works for Skeeter's best friend Elizabeth Leefolt. Aibileen has worked for Elizabeth for many years and basically raised her seven children. Aibileen is different since her only son Treelore died. Aibileen tries to teach Elizabeths kids that the color of your skin should not matter how you teat someone. Skeeter meets Aibileen and finds her story so interesting Skeeter decides to write a book about Aibileen and some other black maids stories and how they are treated differently and it id not fair anymore. Aibileen wants justice for her and her friends.

Minny is Aibileen's best friend she is a maid just like Aibileen. Minny has five kids and is married to a man named Leroy. Minny works for a women named Celia Rae. In the middle of the story they get into a fight and Minny can't take it anymore she leaves her job and husband who turned out to be very mean and abusive. Minny was always expected to be kind and quiet because she was a black maid working for white families but she was nothing like that, if she was ever mistreated she always stand up for herself in anyway she could.

Skeeter decides to interview all the maids she knows that are being mistreated and hurt by there employers and write a novel. Abilene and Minny help out a lot with the book and make sure that people know what is happening. Skeeter gets her book published and people finally understand that they are people. Aibileen always told Elizabeths daughter Mae Mobley " You is kind. You is Smart. You is important" this is a big part of the book because it shows Mae that the color of someone should never determine how you act around them and treat them.