The Red Bird Express

Building Our Future... One Child at a Time

January 11 - 15, 2016

Quote of the Week...

"We are not "just teachers," we are managers of the world's greatest resource: children!" ~ Robert John Meehan

Redford the Red Bird Recipient - Kylie McGraw

"For being such a phenomenal new teacher. Trying new things, sharing her opinion and being flexible as our team grows." ~ Jessica Michaels

Welcome to Alyse Donohoe!

Ms. Donohoe will be doing her student teaching at Cardinal Forest for the next few months. She is currently working in Janet Morgan's FECEP class and will transition to Jessica Michaels' 2nd Grade class in March.

Staff Development Day - January 19 (IAs do not report to work)

Tuesday, January 19th is a countywide staff development day. Staff members are expected to choose a professional development session to attend on the 19th. Staff members must email the office to advise us of where you will be on the 19th.The elementary staff development schedules for are now available on the ISD professional development plan webpage at Teachers should register for their professional development in MyPLT.

Classroom Lighting

Studies show that poor or inappropriate lighting can adversely affect children’s ability to learn. Poor lighting can also cause eye strain and headaches. While many staff members prefer to keep the lights off and use dim lighting, our students need adequate lighting for reading and writing in the classroom. Staff members are expected to either open the blinds to let in the natural light or turn on the classroom lights. On dark, cloudy days, staff members must make sure they provide enough light for children to see.

School Safety Reminders

We had a successful safety audit last week. Ken Campos, from the Office of Safety and Security, was very impressed with our building and the efforts we take to create a safe learning environment for our students. After meeting with the Office of Safety and Security, there are a few things we should all be mindful of:

  • Classroom doors should be locked at all times.
  • Grade level teams are expected to take two walkie talkies with them for recess: one to be used on the blacktop and the other on the playground.
  • Teachers must take a walkie talkie with them any time classes are taken outside for educational purposes (i.e nature walks)
  • The paper closet next door to the art room will be locked at all times. If you need access to this room, ask someone in the office to unlock it for you.

Employee Calendar

A new feature has been added to the FCPS employee calendar. Employees are now able to view a calendar that is specific to their employee type (i.e, 190 Day IA-Scale Personnel, 198 Day Teacher -Scale Personnel, etc). The calendars can be found on the FCPS website.

A Special Thank You to...

  • The Crisis Management team for their participation during the Tabletop Activity on Friday.
  • The 4th grade team for their help during Movie Night. Everyone had a great time.
  • Joe Maniscalco for setting up the technology needed to make Movie Might a success.
  • The 6th grade team for their participation in the transition meetings at Irving MS.
  • Laura Annett and Jessica Swope for their never ending support of our students' needs.

Happy Birthday This Week

January 14 - Claudia Woodruff

Looking Ahead...

January 13

  • 6th Grade Field Trip to Irving MS (9:20 - 11:30)

January 14

  • Team Leaders Meeting (8:00 - 8:45)
  • 6th Grade Musical (9:30 - 10:30 & 6:00 - 7:00)

January 18

  • Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL

January 19

  • Staff Development Day - Student Holiday

January 20

  • Group Class Pictures (8:00 - 11:00)
  • FECEP Fire Safety Puppet Show & Firefighter Visit (11:15 - 12:00)

January 21

  • PTA Meeting (9:15 - 10:15) in the Library
  • SCA Meeting - Officers & Representatives (1:05 - 1:35)

January 22

  • Safety Patrol Meeting (3:00 - 3:40)

January 25

  • Kid Talk Meetings (9:25 - 3:50)

January 27 - 28

  • Local Level IV Screening (8:40 - 4:10)

January 28

  • Kindergarten Literacy Night (5:30 - 7:00)