Greenlife Columnist & Sub Editor

By: Ash Feutz

Education needed?

To be a greenlife columnist & sub editor you need to 11 GCSEs (all A*, A or B grade), A-levels in English & Media, Graphic Design, Drama and General Studies (all As and Bs),
City & Guilds in Black & White Photography, BTEC National Diploma in TV - camera and lighting specialist, Also certificates in First Aid, Fire Control, Tourism and the Environment

Advantages to being a greenlife columnist & sub editor

  • you get to think of what to write all day and get to investigate on different stories.
  • When you have the story you want to write about you get to design magazines, news articles and websites.
  • you get to be creative when working.
  • when you work you feel good about working because you doing it for a good cause

Disadvantages top being a greenlife columnist & sub editor

  • You sometimes have to write about sad stories such as animals dying or habitats gone etc.
  • you can't always find stories to write about or headlines to the stories.
  • You feel guilty sometimes because you don't always write about good things in the wild.

How does this have to do with the environment?

You get to write about everything that happens in the wildlife and in the environment. You can write about the issues in the environment and you can write about the animals. You can also design the websites, newspaper articles, and magazines.