By: Kayla Nantais

Basic Information

Element Name: Sodium

Symbol: NA

Atomic Number: 11

Atomic Weight: 2

Group: 1

Period: 3

Color: Silvery White

Classification: Metallic

Additional Information


Origin of name: from the English word "soda"

Uses: Table Salt/Food

Description: Alkali metal

Biology (in humans): High blood pressure because of salt.

Geology ( in the universe): Sodium is never found as the free element ("native") in nature as it is so reactive.

Properties: Density of solid: 968 kg m-3 , Melting point: 370.87 [97.72 °C (207.9 °F)] K

Interesting Facts: The importance of sodium as salt in the diet was recognized well before sodium itself was understood to be an element.