The Pirates Chest

December 14, 2015

This Week at a Glance!

We have a few happenings this week at SBMS. We will not have a planning period meeting on Wednesday. I do not have anything new to share with you. On Thursday, we have our staff Christmas party in the annex gym from 5:30-7:30. Finally, on Friday, you will be sending home our school report card from DPI. We will place them in your boxes on Thursday. District send home date is Friday!! Please send home with your Core 1.


December 16 - Planning Period meetings Cancelled

January 20 - Locked in Teacher workday - Please do not schedule any IEP/parent conferences

Other Dates

December 14 - Chorus Concert

December 15 - Orchestra Concert

December 17 - Staff Christmas Party

January 12-13 - Childress @ Distinguished Leaders Program in Raleigh

January 18 - Holiday

January 19 - Non locked in workday

January 20 - Locked in teacher workday

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Happy Birthday Fellow Pirates

December 14 - Nalani Nelson

December 17 - Zach Borge

December 21 - Abby O'Queli

December 27 - Craig Blue

December 30 - Sherry Lee

December 31 - Chrissy Taylor and Jill Lott

January 2 - Lynn Davis

Quote of the Week

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