Troop 493 Update

Cookie Sales

Great Job Girls! I hope everyone had fun at our booth sales. So far we have sold about 900 boxes of cookies but we still have 150 boxes left to sell in our inventory. If we sell these cookies we will meet our goal of raising $600. Currently we have every variety except Caramel Delights in stock. Please consider doing another push to see if anyone wants anymore cookies. We will bring the cookies to the meeting on Thursday in case anyone would like to purchase more cookies. Any cookies we can not sell the troop will have to purchases and we'll donate the boxes to local fire depts, police, and the hospital.


Guest Leader

On Dec. 3rd we'll be having two guests to come in and help us with a Service project. This will just mean that our meeting may run a little differently but will still be held same place and time.

Heads Up

At our meeting this week, I'll be giving out some of the awards we have earned so far. I also have initial cookie order prizes that 4 of the girls earned. Last year we had some girls upset when they saw other girls getting items for selling cookies. I just thought it may help to give you a heads up so you were prepared:( .

Chesapeake Bay Service Project

I am looking for ideas for a service project for the bay. My current idea is to assign each girl a tip for saving the bay and have them make a poster (mostly at home). Then display our posters at the library or somewhere to share what we have learned. Any thoughts or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Port Discovery Sleepover

The cost of this sleep over is about $40.00. We could probably cover at least half for the girls through cookie sales but adults would not be covered. I would like some feedback from adults before I see if this is something the girls would like to spend their cookie money on? Dates are yet to be deteremined.