Learn, Engage, Activate, Deliver

What we offer

  • Fully customizable leadership development seminars
  • Innovative, interactive sessions
  • Proven, international facilitators
  • Tested leadership development model
  • An opportunity to give students the skills they need for their future

Pricing begins at R500 per hour per facilitator

Our Leadership Philosophy

The LEAD philosophy is that there are 3 fundamental premises every leader needs to be aware of:

I & Me: The way I see myself and my leadership style makes me conscious of my actions and personality traits I can use to gain a better experience

I & Others: This layer gives mu perspective on how to interact with people around me in more effective way, how to transmit my ideas to others, how to manage and develop my team to achieve higher results.

I &World: How I’m fitting to environment around me, what kind of impact I bring to society and how my action steps create change around.

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AIESEC is the world’s largest student run youth organization and our membership comprises of a growing global network of high potential rising graduates.

OUR MISSION: to develops responsible, global leaders.

HOW WE DO THIS: By providing a self-driven, practical learning experience through our global exchange program.

OUR VISION: Peace and fulfillment of human-kinds potential.

Contact Information

Neha Shingane

Vice President Talent Management


Tel: +27 72 948 6417

Siddharth Bali



Tel: +27 79 994 0216