A New York Adventure

Ben and Cynthia go on an outing!

Ben and Cynthia's day of New York fun

Design a New York City outing to explore the lesser-traveled areas of your favorite city. Pick your day and then let me know how you want to spend it... suggested itinerary and inspirations below.

"Where are you taking me?"

Option 1: Start at a delicious lunch spot and proceed for an afternoon adventure at The Skyscraper Museum, Dia Beacon, or the ICP (or anything else).

Option 2: Head out for fun and end the day with a romantic dinner and drinks.

Ben and Cynthia's outing can also include...

  • Dancing til 2
  • The Museum of Mathematics... Manhattan's first! http://momath.org/
  • Sailing
  • Stand-up comedy... including but not limited to Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words
  • Anything else our great city (or neighboring regions) has to offer!