Bunburying Guide

by; Jaelanique Burnett

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is an act of creating an additional friend or or relative in another location to get away from certain situations to have pleasure somewhere else. Many people would love to bunbury to take a break away from life for a while. Others bunbury just for the fun of getting away and enjoying themselves with the presence of quiet or of popularity. This is also how most pursue the life of happiness. Bunburying is also a fun way to get to know new people and go to certain places.

Preparation to Bunburying

Before bunburying you have to make sure that you are prepared. Meaning you will need to:

1. Create a name and ID of your new identity.

2. Get rid of any debts you owe before moving.

3. Buy all the necessities you need to change in and out of character.

4. Be sure to have additional address and car to travel.

5. Create a place to dispose of these items where you will not be caught between change.

6. have extras of everything in case you leave or loose your materials

Getting Settled Into New Character

Now you are prepared to bunbury. When you arrive in your new vicinity you will want to have established a some what different tone of voice and type of apparel. In your new environment you will need not worry about making a lot of new friends because you do not want to blow your cover. Establish a routine of when you go to this place. Unpack only what is needed here and remember only buy things that you are going to use in the present because you never know when you may have to switch lives.

Possibilities & Problems

Being a bunburyist can have many different possibilities and problems, these may include:

1. Get caught up in switching lives.

2. Run a high bill that cannot be paid in full.

3. May get caught up in many lies and mess up time.

4. It may be possible that someone blows the cover for you.

5. You may come into contact with someone who is also a bunburyist.

Precautionary Solutions

To prevent ever encountering these problems you should:

1.Create a third bunburyist.

2. Be ready to abort bunburying by having an escape plan.

3. Find ways to incorporate truth into bunburying.

4. Make at least another copy of everything in beginning just in case something should happen again.

Have Fun With It!

When you are bunburying try to have fun with it. Do not do anything stupid such as blow your cover, but create new opportunities for yourself. You have a wide range of things to do and places to go. Take advantage of these things, use your great mind to find these places. Bunburying will relieve some of your worries and will create a way for you to escape reality for a while. You will have the most amazing time when you follow the guide to bunburying!