Ms. Susan's Kindergarten Class

All About Me

My name is Susan Nguyen and I have a certification in EC-6 Generalist. I graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2017. I have a passion for wanting to help kids learn and I wanted to make a difference for our future. This is why I chose to become a Elementary school teacher.

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Contact Information

Parents, if you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me whether email or by phone. My phone number to the school is (832) 555-1111 extension 123. For parents that are emailing for more of a convenient. My email address is Please feel free to contact me whenever you want. As well as, allowing me at least 24 hours to get back to you.

How to play an online educational game

Hello and welcome parents, recently in class we have been having the students engage in a tech game called Mathmorphosis. Mathmorphosis is math game that is helping your child learn their addition and subtraction math facts. Here is the URL where you can be able to find this game . The main character in this game will be your child trying to figure out the math facts to help the egg turn into a caterpillar and from there help the caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Once the caterpillar turns into the butterfly it means that your child has successfully finished the game. Each time the player gets a problem right the egg, caterpillar, or butterfly will get bigger. If the player gets it wrong, points will be deducted and the egg will not grow. This game relates to our class content because instead of having the kids work

on math problems on plain white paper. We have this really cool game to help the kids engage and have fun while learning. This will boost their energy in wanting to learn. While playing this game they are having so much fun that does not even realize that they are learning. Multiple students in my classroom tell me how much they love it and that they wish learning math is always this easy and fun.


Susan Nguyen


A little insight on the things I have the students take in class for me are surveys. I made these surveys for students in my class to take so that I can have a better understanding on their interests. Some of the things that I included in the survey are their favorite subject and least favorite. How do they learn best such as PowerPoint, teacher lecturing and written notes on the board. By students answering these surveys as honest as possible, it will help me provide reasonable materials for students to help them learn better.

Classroom Settings

I wanted to share a little on our classroom settings. I purposely designed the classroom to where it provided our students with a safe and warm environment to work in. Where students are able to freely move around without having to worry about bumping into each other or running into things. Parents if you look to the right side, I have provided a snap shot of our classroom. So that you are able to get a better view of what I am presenting to you. I hope you like our classroom.

Class projects

In our school family, we really like to incorporate a lot of hands on activities for students to engage at all times. While students are learning we are making sure that they are having fun as well. As we know, students learn better when they are like the subject and are into the activity. One of my goals is provided every student with a project that they will all like and learn something new from it. Parents, be prepared for many of our awesome projects coming soon.