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News and Notes from Mrs. Shivers

Welcome Back!

We are off to a great start. I've learned a lot about our class and gotten to know many wonderful personalities! Now that we know how our classroom works and what our routines are, we will start getting down to business this week.

I anticipate taking very few grades this week, so I will let you know when you might want to check those in Skyward, however I will begin posting assignments on my website daily. My website address is shivers.leroyk12.org and you will find a variety of resources there. In addition to assignments, you may want to check out the Parent Education page, where you will find many excellent math resources for the topics we will cover this year.

Homework Expectations

All students should expect to have at least 20 minutes of reading each night. Students will be given class time to work on all assignments, and some may be able to complete all work at school. Typically, you will see math homework on a regular basis, and occasionally vocabulary/spelling or reading/writing. If you find your child is spending more than an hour doing homework on a regular basis, please let me know so we can have a conversation about how to make the work more manageable.

Homework that is not turned in by the due date will be considered late and the score will decrease by 1 letter grade for each day it is late. After 5 days, the maximum points available will be 50%. If an assignment has not been turned in by the time we reach the end of the unit or end of the quarter, it will be recorded as a zero.


Our building policy this year is that report cards will not be printed for grades 5 and 6. To see your child's quarterly grades, you will need to access them in Skyward. You may want to set up a weekly grade report to be sent to your email. I will be updating Skyward on at least a weekly basis after Labor Day.

Please contact the office if you have any questions about accessing grades in Skyward.

Google Classroom

Much of our work in Reading and Writing will be completed and turned in via Google Classroom. We have spent time in class practicing how to use this platform to complete and share work. Feel free to ask your child to log in at home and show you around. Once we get into more independent work, you will see outstanding assignments as well as those that have been graded and returned.

What are we doing?

Reading/Writing- we've spent some time talking about how reading and writing workshop will look in our classroom and what the expectations are during these blocks of time. We have taken notes on plot diagrams and ways to generate ideas for narrative writing. We will assemble our seed ideas collage tomorrow in class. Please help your child find pictures of people, places, and things that are important to him/her that they can bring to class tomorrow. If you are not able to print images at home, please email them to me so I can take care of it at school.

Math- We will be spending the next several weeks on our first unit of fractions. We will work on finding equivalent fractions, adding, and subtracting.

Units of Study- Our first unit of study will focus on character traits, leading into a discussion of what character traits are shared by successful entrepreneurs. This unit will begin after Labor Day.

Word Study- We are pretesting our No Excuse word list this week. This list consists of 100 words that all sixth grade students should be able to spell consistently in their writing. After Labor Day, we will begin testing with vocabulary words from our Word Wisdom workbook. Our units will begin and end on Wednesdays to accommodate our schedule, meaning that our first unit will begin next Wednesday (August 31) and be tested the following Wednesday (Sept. 7).

Lunch Menus

You can view the August lunch menu here.

September menus will be sent home tomorrow.

Picture Day!

Wednesday, Sep. 14th, 8:30am

Le Roy Elementary School, Le Roy, IL

Le Roy, IL