Cain Regal A Writer

Reflections of an 11 year old writer

I'm a Writer Who

I'm a writer who is confident. I like and have fun writing. Sometimes I have a very tough time thinking about what to write. These are some reasons I like and dislike writing because it's both challenging and rewarding. The most rewarding is when your share your stories with others.

A Memorable Experience

I've had many bad experiences in writing but this one always stood out. I was writing a fictional story about an island that was floating in the sky that aliens lived on and whenever a person tried to get there they would disappear and wouldn't come back to earth. I then was almost finished and I had writers block and I couldn't think of anything else to say. After a long time thinking, I stopped and the story was never finished. I learned not to over-think my writing and enjoy the process more. Also, it's better if I write about real life experiences so I have better ways to finish the story.

6th Grade Writing Goals

  • I want to get better at using more descriptive adjectives to make the story more detailed
  • I want to expand my writing vocabulary
  • I want to get better at writing fiction
  • I want to improve my grammar

About Me

I am Cain Regal and I am in a family with one brother, my dad and mom. I love to surf and I love to ski. I also like lacrosse and animals. I am learning to play guitar. Now you know a few things about me.