Some common street names for Cocaine.

Coca Coke Flake Snow Soda Cot Crack Cocaine 24-7 Apple jacks Badrock Ball Base Beat Candy Chemical Cloud Cookies Crack Crumbs Crunch & munch Devil drug Dice Electric kool-aid Fat bags French fries Glo Gravel Grit Hail Hard ball Hard rock Hotcakes Ice cube Jelly beans Kryptonite Nuggets Paste Piece Prime time Product Raw Rock(s) Rock star Rox/Roxanne Scrabble Sleet Snow coke Sugar block Topo (Spanish) Tornado Troop

What Cocaine is and where its produced.

Cocaine is a crystalline that comes from the leaf of the coco plant grown in Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru. Cocaine is used as a stimulant, a stimulant is a substance that raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body.

Intresting Statics for Cocaine.

In 2007, the US Federal courts found 5,477 individuals guilty of crack cocaine-related crimes. More than 95% of these offenders had been involved in crack cocaine trafficking.

Cocaine's forms and how it enters the body.

Cocaine can come in powder, freebase, and crack. Cocaine can effect the body by affecting your heart, causing heart attacks,restricts blood from going to the brain, causes seizures, and affects your respiratory.

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What drug category is Cocaine in, and what do all the drugs in that category have in common?

Cocaine is a stimulant, stimulants make you have a lot of energy and then crash. Also cocaine makes you lose your appetite, and is some times used for diets. Stimulants make you very hyper and energetic, but then tired and worn out, this is what all stimulants have in common.

What Cocaine can do to you.

Short term, cocaine makes you feel really good, but it only lasts for a short time. Sometimes it makes people binge, which can cause you to be irritable, restless, and paranoid. Sometimes it can cause hallucinations, also it can result in a period of paranoid psychosis. Long term, cocaine can lead to tolerance so that you need more of the drug to get the same high. Since cocaine can decrease your appetite, over time you can become malnourished.

Medical uses for Coacaine.

Cocaine can be used as an anesthetic and vasoconstricting agent when used in surgery. No other single drug combines the anesthetic and blood flow properties of cocaine. Cocaine is not prescribed as an over-the-counter drug.

Is Cocaine legal in the United States?

Cocaine is ilegal in the United States. Legal consequences for people producing and selling this drug can result in large fines and up to twenty years in prison. If you are caught trafficking cocaine you could face life in prison.

Rehabilitaion centers for Cocaine.

Mid-atlantic Rehabilitation services, 501 Haddon Ave, Suite 6, Haddonfield, NjLighthouse at Haddon Township, 215 Highland Avenue, Suite C-28, NJ