Andrew Jackson

By: Erin Mennow


Andrew Jackson had a very interesting and amazing life. His early life was full of adventure but also, hardship.He was also in the military being a smart and adamant soldier. Lastly, most people know him for being the President of the United States. Unfortunately, Andrews long life had to come to an end.

Early Life

Andrew Jackson had an intense yet moderate life. The intenseness of his life began on March 15, 1767 and ended on June 8, 1845. His parents names were Andrew Jackson ( where he got his name) and Elizabeth Jackson. Andrews family lived in Northern Ireland before Andrew was born, but then moved around two years before for greater oppertunity. Andrews father died before he was born and times were tough for the Jacksons. His early lot may have been cool, but Andrew did have other things to do!

Military Career

Andrew Jackson was in the military for a long time. From age 13 to the end of the War of 1812 he fought. During the War of 1812 Jackson offered his service to President James Madison, but was denied for a period of time because of rashness and his association with Aaron Burr. A peace treaty was signed in England and the news apparently didn't travel so soon. Andrew fought the British at The Battle Of New Orleans after the treaty was signed because no one knew in America. The British had 45 boats full of soldiers, muskets, and cannons. Jackson had himself. He then gathered Baratarian Pirates, Townspeople, and Farmers. After Jackson beat the British, the Peace Treaty was ratified.

Political Career

Andrew was a big part of American history. I will feature is one of Andrews greatest feats Becoming President of the United States. Andrew was the 7th president. In his Presidential career, he faced many political and non- political opponents. He was President from1829-1837. His presidency was named the first "modern" presidency. But Andrew wasn't just President! In 1796 he "created" Tennessee, and also became a Florida governor. He was also a senator too. In 1796 he also became the first member of the U.S House of Representatives. Andrew Jackson has had many great accomplishments.


Andrew Jackson's life was wonderful. He may have had a troubling childhood. He was in the military. He was the President during the first modern presidency! So all in all, Andrews life was amazing until death.


adamant- an unbreakable or extremely hard substance.


feat- an act or achievement that shows courage, strength, or skill.


ratified- to make [a treaty, agreement, etc...] official by signing or voting for it. transitive verb

moderate- neither very good, nor bad. adjective

rashness- in a rash manner.




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