Flower Children (Hippies)

Who were they, and what did they do?

Flower children?

Who were the flower children? What did the flower children do? Were what they did good?

The flower children

The flower children were anti-war antaganists. The spread of "hippies" started in the U.S and spread to Canada, in fact, the word hippie comes from the root word hip, which means tuned in. They got the name flower children however, by giving out flowers to show love and gentalness. Flower children in general don't like our society so they make their own. Many live in groups with others to help and support each other. However, not everything thw flower children do is good, many of them us drugs to attain a "hip" state of mind.

The sum of flower children

All things considered, flower children are a unique group of people who belelive in peace, but also do not follow all rules given.

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