The Fab Four In The 60's

By Noel Crabb

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The Beatles were an overall amazing group. Rolling Stone magazine says "No band has influenced pop culture the way The Beatles have." The Beatles origin was located in Liverpool, where they all lived at the time. They were discovered in a cavern outside of Liverpool, where they were known to perform from time to time. They were discovered by their soon-to-be manager, Brian Epstein. They had been, originally, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best.

Soon after they were discovered, Epstein did everything he could to find a record deal for the band. They did search in Liverpool, but had no luck. They were persistent for finding a label. They finally, in 1960, found a label willing to take most of the band.

With the decision of all of the band members, Pete Best was fired, therefore being replaced by Ringo Starr.

The following year, Stuart Sutcliffe, the bassist, died of a brain hemorrhage. He was not replaced by anyone more than Paul McCartney himself as he was already a bass player.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel when they had finally recorded their first actual album titled, Please Please Me. It sky rocketed the charts like a spacecraft being launched to outer space!

From then on, they had several number one hits in America, Switzerland, England, etc..

But alas, all good things have to end some time. In January of 1969, the boys were rehearsing and attempting to write new material, when Paul McCartney notices how 'hopeless' and 'pointless' that whole thing really was. "I don't see why any of you, if you're not interested, got yourselves into this," he claimed to not feel supported by his band mates as he continued, "What's it for? It can't be for the money. Why are you here? I'm here because I want to do a show, but I don't see an awful lot of support."

Their last concert together was on January 30, 1969, now known as 'The Rooftop Concert' because of its setting being on the rooftop of the Apple building.

The Beatles will always be remembered for their amazing melodies, their character, their trends. But what people miss most, is the joy it brought to hear their songs.

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From 1960 to Today

The Beatles are one of the most well known bands to this day. They have been referenced in pop culture too many times for youth not to have at least heard of them!

Take the band, One Direction for instance; You have five talented individuals who met through an audition to become the next big thing. They, like the Beatles, are from the United Kingdom and have had several hits. Both the Beatles, and One Direction, have experienced the loss of a band member.

The same concept accounts for the band, The Wanted. They were also from the United Kingdom with hits like Glad You Came and Chasing the Sun.

Or even bands like Panic! At the Disco; they were all just kids when they met. They hoped to become a sensation, like any other band. They came up with many hits such as I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Girls/Girls/Boys, This is Gospel, Victorious, etc.

The Beatles changed music in the pop world forever, therefore, being reminded of them from time to time won't be surprising.

The Fab Four Impact

The impact on today's music from the Beatles is outrageously huge! The Beatles have inspired various artists because of their trend and style of music.

For instance, pop-punk band, Panic! At the Disco's album titled Pretty. Odd. in 2008 was based upon inspiration from the Beatles. The music video for their song, Nine in The Afternoon, has Beatle-based props and costumes involved. Northern Downpour, another song in which was included in the album, had the slow swaying tone that the Beatles produced in some of their songs.

The Beatles are also referenced almost everywhere! In children's movies, such as Minions. Or in books, such as The Outsiders. There are still t-shirts, bags, posters and such available all over the world. Some stores, such as Hot Topic or Memory Lane contain things like that.

You can find t-shirts designed for other TV shows referencing the Beatles too!

Panic! At The Disco: Nine In The Afternoon [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Fab Four Fun Facts! (Eeeek!)

1. The Beatles were said to have broken up officially when John Lennon was visiting Disneyworld with is former girlfriend, May Pang.

2. August 20, 1969 was the very last time the Beatles ever recorded together.

3. While Help! was the Beatles fifth U.K. album, it was actually their eighth capitol album in America.

4. A teenager in Maryland started Beatlemania in the U.S.

5. It was said that John Lennon met Paul McCartney when he was day drunk at the age of twelve.

Solo Careers

Paul McCartney has had several hits since the Beatles split up. For example, Say Say Say featuring Michael Jackson, Maybe I'm Amazed, FourFiveSeconds featuring Rihanna and Kenya West, and Live And Let Die.

Ringo Starr also had hits songs like Devil Woman and Snookeroo.

John Lennon had some hits like Just Like (Starting Over), Whatever Gets You Thru the Night, watching the wheels, and Jealous Guy. Soon on in 1980, he was murdered.

George Harrison had a few hits such as Imagine and My Sweet Lord. Following that, came his death in 2001.