Daddy Yankee

Spanish music

Spanish II

  • Class Name: Spanish 2
  • Teacher: Jennifer Martin


  • My friend first introduced me to the Spanish artist Daddy Yankee about four years ago.
  • I like listening to his music when I am on car rides or in a down mood.
  • I don't know many other Spanish artists, but i grew up listening to Daddy Yankee.
  • The first song I have heard of his was "Rompe" and "Gasolina" which are my two favorites.
  • I like Daddy Yankee's music because it's a more upbeat tempo, it's fun to listen to and mood boosting.
Daddy Yankee-Rompe lyrics


  • The purpose of exploring culture is to see all of what mankind has created for everybody. So everybody, no matter their culture, can come together and enjoy the same music.
  • My culture and the Latino culture relate to the music by what the lyrics say.
  • The difference between Spanish culture music is the way they speak, even when translated into English, they speak and think a different way than our culture.
  • Over all Daddy Yankee is one of my favorite artists that i listen to a lot.
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