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What can the fan really do? Here is our report.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is an innovative fan with special functions. It is small and compact and can be taken anywhere. It works via a water tank and is connected via a USB port. It refreshes the heated air in the room quickly and for a long time and cools down the temperature without drying out the air.

Why do I need this fan?

If you have a constantly overheated bedroom or office in the hot summer months that cannot be cooled by a standard fan or expensive air conditioning, CoolAir will be the perfect solution for you. You can take it with you anywhere, plug it in anywhere and it's small and handy to place anywhere without taking up a lot of space. Even in overheated offices, you can quickly and unnoticed help yourself by adjusting your small air cooler to the desired level and turning it on. The device works so gently and quietly that the air soon becomes much fresher and cooler. Especially for open-plan offices, this air purifier is a good purchase for everyone.

CoolAir Evaluation and recommendation

Meanwhile, there are several ways on the market how you can refresh and cool your overheated rooms. Most of the time they are fans or air conditioners. But both don't seem to refresh and cool down and so the hot nights remain unbearable and the hot days in the office almost unbearable. So this small air cooler is a real innovation, which offers you fast refreshment and cooling by the filled water, without distributing the already too hot air only in the room.

Attic apartments in particular benefit from this small air purifier, where the heat accumulates the most. This special air purifier is a perfect replacement for the previous household remedies, which were always used in excessively hot conditions, by placing ice in front of a running fan and cooling the air in this way. This air purifier basically makes it easier in a technical way and makes this cumbersome method of refreshing and cooling the air in the room a reality.

It is also very quiet and can be used throughout the middle of the night as long as there is enough water in the tank, otherwise the water has to be refilled in the middle of the night. The integrated mood light also provides a perfect help to fall asleep, to get rest and refreshment.

CoolAir technical facts

The technical facts of this small and handy fan include:

  • 3-stage operation: Cooling, cleaning, humidifying the air.
  • Connection via USB.
  • Water tank lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Moodlight setting of up to 7 different colour options.
  • Automatic switch-off.

CoolAir Test

The qualities of the device include its modern design as well as its comfortable application possibilities. It saves space, is easy to use and offers several ways to clean your room and your air in a healthy and refreshing way. Ordinary fans only distribute hot air in the room and do not provide any cooling. An air conditioner is usually expensive and consumes too much electricity. So this special air freshener is a middle thing of both and affordable at an affordable price.

In addition, it consumes much less electricity than ordinary larger air purifiers and takes up very little space, so it can be stashed anywhere unnoticed. It's powered via a USB port and consumes all the natural water you put in its tank. So you'll be naturally supplied with fresh air and all the air in the room will be cooled down without chemical additives.

Coolair Reviews and opinions

Particularly at night in the bedroom or during the day in the office, unbearable temperatures can occur in the room during the hot summer months. Fans hardly help and air conditioners are expensive and often cool you down, which is very unhealthy. The mini fan, which is a mix of fan and air conditioner, gives you fresh and clean air produced by the integrated water tank. It's a great invention for those who want to spend little money, want it to be handy and space-saving, and want to do something good for their health easily. It's like breathing in fresh mountain air.

A user of this mini fan writes that she is always warmer than everyone else in her office. She has a centrally controlled system and she was sick of being too hot all the time. A friend recommended CoolAir to her and she hadn't regretted it. You can now use this small device to control the temperature without influencing anyone else. Without this air purifier all hot days in the summer months would hardly be manageable and since then their work would be much better. With overheated air it is difficult to deliver a perfect job. Now she's really enjoying her work again.

A user of the device writes that he often has to spend the night in a hotel on business out of town. He always takes the CoolAir with him, which is so small and handy, and can relax much better with the mood light, so that he can switch off in an unfamiliar hotel room. Hotel rooms are usually a bit overheated and stuffy, so that this special air purifier has often helped him to refresh the room air. So he always takes a bit of home with him everywhere, because it always helps him to find peace and quiet and to maintain a pleasant and healthy air.

Where can I order CoolAir?

This small air cooler can only be purchased from the manufacturer's website, where all discounts are offered. If you order two air coolers, you get one for free and if you order three air coolers, you get two for free and save 50 percent. You'll also get a free delivery to your home. In addition, the manufacturer offers you the option of giving your air cooler a warranty of up to three years for a small extra charge in the event that something is wrong with the air cooler and it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Who is the supplier of the product?

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