Things You Should

Do While Being In India

It is difficult to describe India in one word, it is intoxicating, bamboozling, crazy, squalid, chaotic, exasperating, overwhelming, and daunting and now I am getting short of words to express what exactly India is. This country is much more than what you can ever imagine. These are a few things for which you should prepare yourself while being in India.

The following tips would be of great help if you are travelling to India for the first time. So get ready for the ultimate travel plunge.

Be wise in selecting your route

Always make a list before you go on a trip to any place. Jot down the places that you would like to visit when you are at a particular place and the things that interest you, so you should plan your travel accordingly when you are on India holidays. As this country is so large that you might well get confused about what you should do? And where should you go?

The tour that you cannot afford to miss in India is the trip to the Golden Triangle. It is the best place to go if you are on a short trip to India. The Golden Triangle is undoubtedly among the most popular destination which is included in almost all India tourism package. You can start with Delhi and visit the Humayun’s Tomb before going to Agra where of course you will see the Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and then you can go to Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, etc. After that you could make a move to the Pink City called Jaipur, where you can see fort Amber. Then head to Delhi again for some street shopping, before you fly back home.

For more specific interests head to:

Delhi for Shopping

Goa for the exciting Beaches

Himachal Pradesh if you want to Trek

Rishikesh to get some Yoga lessons

For Food you could go just about anywhere in the country

Madhya Pradesh to see the Tigers in the wild

Manali is the best for thrill seekers.

Varanasi to set alive the Religious sentiments in you

Kerala to Relax

What to wear in India

The country remains hot for most of the months, so it is better that you bring something which is light. You could wear shorts and shirts, if you feel it is too hot here. But the best attire to wear, when you are in India are the traditional dresses. You can buy Indian dresses in most of the shops around the country. It is fascinating as well as beautiful when you put in on. Most foreign travelers come just to shop for the amazing Indian attire. The saree and the salwar kameez are a few dresses that the Indians like to wear in their day to day life.

India is an amazing country you will get a lot to learn from here, and the people who are poor but still they have the courage to wear a smile on their faces. It is a great country to be in.


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