Paris, France

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Valuable Information About Paris

Currency- Euros

Language- French, English

Time Zone- Central European

No vaccinations needed

Safety Precautions- Pick pockets, caution with credit card, pay attention to road


Where to get them- Post office or passport office in Courthouse

Cost- around $200 depending on age and condition of passport

Documents needed- Birth certificate, social security card, 2 passport photos

Getting There and Back

Price- $1,675

Departure and Arrival- 3:05 pm-7:30 am

Flight Gate- Won't know till that day *It is very recommended to get the AA app*

Flying out of DFW and into BVA

Hotel Information

Hotel Name- Marriot Champs-Elysees

Location- 70 Avenue des Champs-Elysees Paris, 75008 France

Cost- 699 Euros/night

Conversion- $764.92

Hotel Contact Info-+33-1-5393-5500

1st Day- Eiffel Tower

1st-2nd floor only

Adult- 9 Euros, Youth Age 12-24- 7 Euros, Child 4-11- 4.50 Euros, Babies are free

Right to the top

Adult- 15.50 Euros, Youth- 13.50 Euros, Child- 11 Euros, Babies are free

2nd Day- Notre Dame Cathedral

STEP Directions *Very Important*

1. Go to

2. Follow directions provided on site

Total Cost

The total cost of this trip will be around 3,000 Euros

*Not including food or souvenirs*

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