Survival Pack 101

Everything you need to pack to survive in a Tropical Island

What to Pack...

This is a basic list of what you will want to bring to survive in a Tropical island including items that are from the following catergories.

  • General Survival
  • Medical
  • Food/ water
  • Weather
  • animals

General Survival

  1. Water proof pack to carry all gear
  2. metal signal mirror
  3. compass
  4. hand held flash light
  5. Knives for hunting/ clearing trails
  6. cable
  7. hatchet
  8. olive oil ( can be added to fire to create an alert signal)


These items are the basics of what you will find in most first aid kit plus some other required items.

  1. Bandages
  2. band aids
  3. medical tape
  4. anti-bacterial towels (if none alcohol)
  5. gloves
  6. ibuprofen
  7. medical knife
  8. tweezers

Food/ Water

  1. fishing kit
  2. matches/ water proof
  3. aluminum foil
  4. water purification packets/ purifier water bottle
  5. energy rich snack (m&m's, peanut butter)
  6. thermos (helps catch bugs to eat)


  1. sunscreen (SPF 30)
  2. poncho
  3. tent (optional)
  4. clothing/ blanket


  1. insect repellent
  2. snake/ insect bite kit
  3. mosquito net