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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - November 15

Positive Character Survey

Here is some great info to share with you - 4th and 5th grade is now using a peer nomination system for demonstrating positive character each Friday. Each student nominates one classmate and gives a reason why/what that person did to demonstrate positive character.

• A total of 44 students were nominated by their peers (we have 86 4th and 5th grade students, so that means over half of the students received at least one vote!)

Our awardees this week were Ember Botcher and Alexis McCown in 4th grade and Ayden Sessions and Ethen Seehausen in 5th grade

• Here are some things students said about each other (not just our four awardees, but others as well):

-He is always engaged and ready to learn, he is okay with making a mistake and learns from it. He also always does the right thing. He knows how to work with others and make them feel included, and overall is a good person.

-Because she has played with me when I did not have a friend to play with at recess. She played with me and she has been really engaged with the lessons.

-At basketball he did not take it easy on me because I`m short.

-Made me laugh when i was in a bad mood.

-She shows, good friendship, she explained some things in math that I didn't understand

-She's helping people around the class room, and really engaged in class, and Just Brightens Peoples day by her good laughs.

-She was being nice to me when I was new.

-Being engaged in math all week.

When I look at the comments overall, it looks like there are common trends that we can encourage. Highlight these three in every classroom because our students are telling us that THIS is what they see in their peers as positive character:

• Engaged in work (the word "engaged" was used 15 times in responses - we are making a difference with students by reinforcing our "Be engaged" common language!)

• Helping others at recess

• Being aware of others and showing empathy at key moments

Trauma Sensitive Schools Update

I have more really great information that I am excited to share with everyone. At the October 25 PD day, teachers all took the TSS Fidelity Survey. Now, we can compare the rankings provided by the TSS building team with how the staff at-large ranked our school and our practices. And you know what? It's really nice. Please look at each slide carefully to notice and wonder:

• Did the TSS team's ranking agree with the staff at-large ranking?

• Read the comments about each question - they are very insightful. I wish I could have added more, but I chose a representative sample for each question.

Here's the link - I really ask you to take some time with this great information. The Lakeview TSS team meets Tuesday after school to look at this further, so if you have any thoughts, please get them to one of the members.

LV TSS members - Amy DeBruin, Brianne Nillissen, Sam McGarvey, Sarah Hartung, Craig Tinsen, Jenn Benn, Kasia Drake-Hames, Sarah Wilke, Therese Hanneman, Chris Sepersky

Upcoming Dates

Monday, Nov 18 - The food drive bus comes to collect all of our items at 10:45 a.m.

Tuesday, Nov 19 - LV TSS team meeting from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the library

Wednesday, Nov 20 - Staff meeting from 7:15-8:15 a.m.

Thursday, Nov 21 - PTO Glow Dance from 5-7 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov 26 - Golden Lion assembly from 9:50-10:10 a.m.

Nov 27-29 - Thanksgiving break!

Literacy Night Save the Date

Please see this link for SDSM's annual Literacy Night.

Social Studies Resources Reminder

As part of the three district priority areas, we are focusing on equity through the lens of universal curriculum for each and every student. Over the years, each elementary school has accumulated various social studies resources. Last year, the Elementary Principals and Office of Instruction engaged in discussions about various resources, including social studies texts and materials, and we are united in our efforts to provide a common, equitable experience for all students across our schools. Therefore, a decision was made to utilize the Literacy Units of Study as the basis to identify areas in which grades have alignment to the Social Studies Standards and where there are gaps. The Elementary Social Studies Committee has started that important work. To ensure equity, we will continue to use the district-identified universal curriculum, which at this point, are resources directly connected to the Units of Study. If there are old Social Studies textbooks in your classroom or throughout the school, they are not to be used. We will recycle these out-dated texts which are not a part of our universal curriculum. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Please have any old texts delivered to the Lakeview office by November 26th.

Chris, Dave, Eric, Nicole, and Ann

Thanksgiving Cards

If you were here last year, you remember our Character Dares. There was a Character Dare prior to holiday breaks that encouraged teachers to write a quick postcard to any students that you feel might benefit. We have plenty of postcards remaining and we have the postage. If you are interested in sending postcards to students at any time, ask Roxanne or Cortney.

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter

Camp fundraiser for 5th grade - 5th grade is selling Marcus theater passes. There will be an order form for staff in the lounge for those interested. That way, if students ask you, you can respond "The staff has a form that benefits everyone."

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.