By: Bailey Budemer

The Cold Hard Facts

It is a well known fact in all of America that men are paid more than women. A woman who has a full time gets paid $9,349 less than men, and that is just in the state of Texas. This means that women in Texas get 79 cents to every man's dollar. In the United States, women are the primary breadwinners in about 40% of families. Women's wages are very important to get the neccessary things every family needs to survive.

The Solution

To fix this horrible problem, I think it would be a great idea to just not pay anyone at all. Men will be upset if women are paid more and some men would even be upset if women got paid the same amount as they did. Women getting paid less is obvisouly not working, so why not just cancel pay day forever? Everyone will be equal since no one is getting any money al all. I believe this will help solve a lot of the issues concering gender equality. So, let's cancel pay day! Who needs money?