Belated Lesson

♥Ali Tobin♥

Animals & places in the story

Be Wiser

You think an Animal would learn After seeing their fellow wood animals be faked into helping a wolf. You would also think a Raccoon would listen to a Wise Owl,But This Dark spotted Raccoon was very naive.

One day while the Raccoon was traveling throughout the dark and quiet woods, he heard a Claw scratch at a branch,The Raccoon with a face full of fear,looked up to see what made that tremendous sound. it was a Beautiful White snowy owl. It was standing calmly on a Branch of a Sycamore tree.

The Owl hooted “hello”

The Raccoon replied in a high pitched voice“who are you….haha get it who.”

The Owl full of anger just rolled her eyes and started to fly away,before the owl flew to her home

on the other side of the great big dark woods she hooted “You need to learn to be wiser.”

Then she was gone.

The Raccoon didn't believe anything the Beautiful wise owl told him so he traveled along a dark pebbled path...there he met a dark grey wolf. The wolf was grinning with a smile going from ear to ear. Raccoon then saw the grinning wolf asking a sheep for help. “

The Wolf said in a manner full voice “Oh Mr.Sheep can you come inside, I need you to help me with Something.”

The sheep called , “BAAAAHHH,”

and followed the evil wolf into the dark deep den that seemed to have no end.

“Oh poor thing will never come out again”

The Raccoon was startled by the voice….it was the snowy owl again

The owl hooted again but a little more louder“Think what you think, but remember, be wiser.”

The Raccoon pretended like it was something by nodding,and grinning real wide, but he really didn't think being wise would help anything,the raccoon didn't even think there was problem at all

On his way home through the deep dark woods he saw the dark grey wolf again. But he was now talking to the sweet pink piglet.

The wolf,grinning called to the Piglet

“Oh Mr. Piglet can you come inside, I need you to help me with Something.”

Then the Piglet followed the wolf inside the dark never ending den and the raccoon heard a ear piercing snort and never saw the piglet again, he would forever remain in the wolf's den

Owl hooted “Oh poor thing will never come out again.”

The Raccoon declared “No, you silly Owl, the pig is just helping him!”

The owl replied even more loudly, “Think what you think, just always think wiser.”

As the raccoon was traveling to his own den he saw a black lop bunny and behind him was a deep red fox… he knew from nature that most likely the fox would eat the lop bunny, so he ran to tell the sweet bunny what was coming .

The bunny replied, “No Mr. Raccoon I'm asking Mr. Fox to help me with something.”

The Raccoon nodded his head and said “alright.”and scattered back to his den.

On the Raccoon's Sunday stroll through the dark woods he saw the wolf again.

The wolf said grinning, “Mr. Raccoon please come inside I need you to help me with Something.”

The Raccoon wasn't wise but he learned from his mistake to prejudge, characters by how nature sees them so he went inside to help, but once he went in he was never seen again.

The beautiful Owl was disappointed After seeing the naive Raccoon met the same fate that he saw happen to other animals in the deep dark woods

The beautiful Owl swooped down and landed calmly on the same sycamore branch and thought to herself

I sadly told you, be wiser,

Because a wise man learns from his own mistakes,but a Wiser man learns from the of faults of other


Sound the sheep makes...... Turn sound down XD


About the Author ♥Ali Tobin♥

Ali Tobin,has written many stories and fable in her life time,But she never shared any.Ali is a orange belt in Taekwondo,and has joined a sparring team where she will compete in April.Ali enjoys Writing poems and stories,she also loves reading and singing.Ali has been in 5 plays including, Once upon a mattress,Young Frankenstein,Adams family,The sound sound of music and soon to be showing the Lion king. Ali has preformed in many places including Smithtowns got talent and she competed in Long Islands got talent.She hopes you enjoyed her fable.