Guidance Happenings

January through March 2015

School and Community Outreach

The new year began with many activities at our school! As a part of our school's PBIS incentive, students are continuing to work hard to earn "Knight Bucks" for good behavior. In February, students had the opportunity to use their Knight Bucks to attend a Valentine's Dance. Over 50 students attended the dance, where they ate pizza, danced, and enjoyed an hour of hanging out with their friends!

Students are also having the opportunity to earn Knight Bucks for perfect attendance each 3 weeks. This attendance incentive is helping us to teach students the importance of arriving to school on time each day.

Also this winter, our school participated in classroom and a school-wide spelling bee. Both our school level and county level spelling bees went more rounds than ever before! These students worked very hard to learn many new words, and they did a great job representing our school!

We have also been learning many more new things! The fourth grade classes are participating in a wonderful program called SOAR, which stands for "students of animal responsibility". These fourth graders are learning about the crisis of overpopulation of animals within our county, and they are learning about how to do their part in being a responsible pet owner.

The fifth grade students are also preparing for their transition to middle school. They toured Harnett Central Middle School in March, and they will be learning about the school's policies and rules in upcoming guidance lessons using the school's website.

Also, in March, we also had the opportunity to host a safety awareness assembly for our entire school. Mr. Bob Patterson, a member of the Buies Creek Fire Department, spoke to students about how to be safe around strangers and offered students many ways to seek help in the event of an unsafe situation or emergency.

We continue to be blessed by community members who give of their time to help our school. Over the last three months, several Campbell students have visited our school in order to present valuable information to our students via lessons on proper toothbrushing, medication safety, and flu prevention. We also have volunteers from Campbell and the Buies Creek Fire Department who will soon begin serving as mentors to some of the students at our school!

Lastly, over the last three months, our school has show an awesome example of working together to achieve a common goal! By partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, we worked together to raise over $1,027 for the Pennies for Patients Project. 100% of these funds will go toward the scientific research for improved treatments for childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma. Our school's goal was to raise $1,000, and we were able to go above and beyond because everyone worked together!

Classroom Guidance and Up-Coming Events

In classroom guidance lessons from January to March, kindergarten through fifth grade students learned about the subjects of perseverance, friendship, safety, compassion, and career awareness. I think my favorite lesson as done with the second graders, as we learned about the perseverance that the famous paleontologist, Barnam Bones, had to use as he worked to find the first T-Rex fossils!

I am looking forward to the Spring's guidance lessons, as we will be using Disney films to explore diversity, culture, and character education. At the end of these lessons, each class will be making a poster to display for the whole-school immersion project on the world's continents.

As we look forward to the Spring, there are many other events "in bloom"! The K-Kids Club members will be submitting posters, essays, and/or speeches for the annual contest. They will also be hosting a Yard-Sale at our school on April 18, 2015 from 7am to 11am. The K-Kids will also be holding their elections for next year's officers.

We are working on starting a new club at Buies Creek called "The Knights' Club". More information will soon come about this opportunity!

Finally, on April 22, 2015, we will be having a school-wide anti-bullying assembly with "The Strength Team". This will be an awesome experience for our students to see that true strength is found in their character.

I look forward to working with the wonderful students and staff of Buies Creek Elementary in the following months. We are doing great things!

Thank you for reading!


Mrs. Butler

Guidance Counselor