Solar Nebular Theory

DaVaughn Irvin

What is the Solar Nebular Theory?

The Solar Nebular is known also as the Nebular Hypothesis. The Solar nebular Theory is a the explanation of the formation and evolution of our solar system. The Nebular came from a massive explosion called a super nova.

What does the solar nebular theory state?

That when all the random stuff came crashing into each other it started to make the sun. Then when the sun began to get gravity it started to pull stuff in and they started to form all the other planets tafter they cooled off.

Who discovered the Solar Nebular Theory?

The theory was developed by three guys named Immanuel Kant, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Pierre-Simon Laplace.

When was the theory developed?

The theory was developed back in the 18th century by Immanuel, Emanuel, and Pierre-SImon.