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November 5, 2021 Home and School Connection

COVID vaccine for children 5-11

Approval for the COVID vaccination for children 5-11 has been approved.. The Archdiocese has informed us that this vaccine will not be required this school year . You are encouraged to speak to your child's health care provider with any concerns or questions you may have regarding if the vaccine is right for your child.

We will be hosting a COVID clinic for children on November 18th and December 9th from 3-7PM. Please watch for more information.

What parents should know about the COVID-19 vaccine and kids

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Please bring all donations by November 15th!

Important reminders

Your child needs to be dressed in the proper uniform each day. Boys should have their shirts tucked in and wear a belt. Girls are not allowed to wear any make up (this includes mascara and eye liner), however, nail polish over short natural nails is acceptable. The school uniform code can be found in our school handbook.


It is becoming more and more common to see students with their masks under their nose or all the way down under their chin. We do not allow this! If you child does not wear their mask properly, covering their nose and mouth, we will send a conduct referral home. Please remind your child why they are wearing their mask in school. It is only if we work together to keep our safety protocols in place in school that we can continue in person learning. Any student that is consistently not wearing their mask properly will require a conference with Mrs. LeTourneau. Student in grades 4-8 will be assigned a detention for not properly wearing their mask.

Grades 4-8

Your student needs to be responsible to bring their iPad charged each day. As a reminder, they are not permitted to use any messaging app while they are in school. They will lose the privilege of using their iPad if they break this rule. Importantly, if your child messages you that they are sick, we need to know!

Also, phones are to be turned off and put away during school and while in the school building.

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Is your child vaccinated for COVID-19?

In order to make a possible positive COVID case go smoothly, we would appreciate a picture of your child's COVID -19 vaccination card. Please email to covidvax@divineprovidenceschool.org

Traveling out of state? We need to know**...

We follow the Chicago Emergency Travel Order, which is updated every Tuesday, for domestic travel regardless of whether the traveler resides in the city of Chicago, Cook County or Lake County. ​​​​​​​

Domestic travelers to an “Orange state” on the Chicago Emergency Travel Order mapmust adhere to:

  • 10-day quarantine upon return OR
  • Pre-arrival negative test (within 72 hours prior to return arrival to the state) with strict masking, physical distancing and avoidance of in-person gatherings (separate from school attendance). Any test administered by a 3rd-party is sufficient; however, a self-administered test is not acceptable. Archdiocesan schools should accept any negative test prior to school attendance including tests upon return to the state.

**Please watch your email as this may be subject to change

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Know someone who needs assistance?

There are many reasons people may need help right now. Maybe it's job loss or illness. Whatever the reason for the need, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul can help.

If you, or anyone you know, could use some help, please call the Divine Infant Rectory 708-865-8071 or the Divine Providence Rectory 708-562-3364

All information is kept strictly confidential.

Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

October and November Lunch Menu *

11/8 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

11/9 Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl

11/10 Italian Cheese and Garlic Cheesy Pull Aparts

11/11 Hot dog


11/15 Mini Corn dogs and pretzel bites

11/16 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

11/17 Meatball Pizza Sub

11/18 Chicken tenders

11/19 FSA is providing pizza for all students! Thank you!

11/22-26 NO SCHOOL

11/29 Pizza Dippers

11/30 Cinnamon French Toast

* Subject to change, please see the note below from FSP, our lunch supplier.

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