By: Antov Chekhov

Presentation by: Adam Conlan

Setting: Russia

Time: 1870-1885

Main characters: The Banker and the Lawyer

Plot Diagram


-A Banker bets a lawyer two-million dollars that he can't stay in a jail for 15 years after they git in an argument over capitol punishment.


-They take the bet, but the banker is having doubts about the real reason of the bet and why it's important.

-The Lawyer is becoming very bored over time, and starts obsessing over books of many natures.


-Over 15 years, the banker has lost most of his money and doesn't have the promised two million dollars.

-the banker decides to kill the lawyer so he doesn't have to be in more debt, even if it means the rest of his life in prison.

-When the banker goes to kill the lawyer, he reads a note on the ground saying the lawyer will call of the bet on the last day because he is wiser than when the bet started.


-When the banker reads the note, he is overwhelmed with guilt.


-Guard runs into the banker's room that morning saying the prisoner had escaped.

-the banker goes down to the "prison" and sees that the lawyer had left.

-the banker takes the note to avoid rumors from spreading.

Money can't by wisdom.


- "So this foolish, senseless bet came to pass."

-"Can money buy wisdom? No."

Comic and explanation