The Frog In The Well

A Fable

What It's All About

This fable is a story about a frog who dreams of the world beyond his own. He dreams of life that is not confined and restricted and wishes for a way out of the world he is trapped in, but his dream never became a reality.

Li Cunxin and The Frog

The frogs world is a mirror image of his own life and struggles. The only difference is that Li managed to break free from his communist world and was able to enter a whole new one, unlike the frog in the deep dark well. "My Friend, you live in a confined world" p52, could be replaced with "Li, you live in a confined world".

What Can Be Learnt

Li included this story because it was a reflection of his own struggles. The story tells us about the fact that not many people were as lucky as Li. Li was chosen among billions, and was given an extremely rare opportunity that many others would have envied.