Space Travel Problems

By Xavier M. Michaud of Mrs. Miekina's 3B class

Apollo 11

This was the first Apollo mission that was successful on getting a man on the moon.
Apollo11: Lunar Landing July 20, 1969
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Mission summary of Apollo 11

Problems With Humans Spending Prolonged time in Space

When you are in space floating around, many people don't know that many health problems can arise. First of all when you aren't are your feet for that long you don't feel the weight all the time so your muscles and bones weaken. Also, your sense of up and down get all screwed up. When you return to earth sometimes you can't stand up or just collapse from the pressure.

6 Fun facts about The human body in space

1.) When you go into space your spine is free to grow because your body isn't fighting gravity, you grow 3 inches taller. When you come back down you go back to your regular height.

2.) When you enter orbit your fluids disrupt and it makes your face puffy and your legs skinny.

3.) When humans come back down to earth they have trouble with coordination. Some astronauts drop things forgetting that gravity happens

4.) Humans muscle mass decreases because on earth they have to support themselves and on the moon or in space they don't

5.) In space their bones don't retain the same density as they do on earth

6.) They see flashes of light while trying to sleep

Possible solutions with humans spending time in space

We could send drones, satellites, and other space craft into space beside humans. Another possible solution with humans could be therapy afterwards to help them recuperate. When they astronauts go to space they could have a contraption that recreated the pull of gravity.