El Salvador

By Samuel Sutton

About Our Country

  • El Salvador has a population of 6.1 Million.
  • Their nationality is Salvadoran(s)
  • The two most common ethic groups are mestizos which make 86.3% of the population and whites which make up 12.7%
  • Their official language is Spanish
  • Major religions practiced are Roman Catholic (57.1%) and Protestant (21.2%)

Our Economy

  • Major industries in El Salvador include food and beverage processing, textiles, light metals (Tin and Aluminium) , fertilizers and furniture.
  • Corn is the major crop
  • The unemployment rate is 6.3% almost the same as the United States
  • The population below the poverty line is 36.5% compared to the US's 15.1%
  • El Salvador's largest trading partner is the United States
  • Services and Industry make up over 60% of the countries GDP

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