-Soaring Falcons- Remote Learning

Edition 2 - April 27, 2020

Making the most of school closure

Dear Parents,

Welcome to week 2 of our Remote Learning newsletter which is published every other Monday.

My learning focus this week: Pandas, Jelly Fish and Beluga Whales -- OH MY!

Stafford County Public Schools has done a great job on the At Home Learning page, giving lots of learning opportunities and ideas during this remote learning time! I would love to focus on the Science information this week...especially the Live feed Cameras under the Living Systems section. Check out this link and scroll to the bottom for Live feeds in the zoos and also opportunities for virtual museums and field trips.


Please enjoy reading through more suggestions below from Stafford County Schools as well as our FES Teachers, Social Workers, Counselors and Specialists.

We're all in this together!!

Mrs. Beasley, Library Assistant

A Sample Daily schedule for our Remote Learners

Stafford County has provided a few options for a Daily Schedule for Remote Learning. There are some great tips as well. Please click here to view.

VA TV Classroom!

“VA TV Classroom” will air instructional content from 1-3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

‪K-3 airs from 1-2 p.m. Segments will be 15 minutes in length and led by teachers. Offering instruction in language arts, math, science, health and more.

Click here for the weekly schedule.

More information about the VA TV Classroom and WHRO which stands for Home Room One can found by clicking here.

Great Stafford County resources for studying together

Here are four quick links to wonderful resources:

1) Stafford Schools At Home Learning Resources

2) Weekly Stafford Schools Encore activity calendars (updated every Monday)

3) Weekly Stafford Schools Library Maker activities (updated every Monday)

4) At Home resources and Chromebook FAQS, answers about logins and Dreambox

Virtual Falmouth Follies
We Miss You Faclons!


Hi Falcons! We miss you all so much and think about you every day!!!

We sure hope you are enjoying your time at home and learning lots! Please remember to keep up your daily reading habits and take advantage of the at-home learning activities posted in our Google Classrooms...and don’t forget you can logon to Raz-Kids, Dreambox and Lexia at home as well. Feel free to email us a picture or video of all that you’ve been doing! We would love to see all the new things you are learning to do at home!

Parents, we applaud you for the amazing work you are doing at home with your child! Please remember that there are plenty of everyday activities you are already doing/can do with your child that count as learning. For example, cooking/baking, meal/menu planning, checking the weather forecast, building with LEGOs, playing card/board games, doing puzzles, imaginative play, listening to music, coloring/drawing/painting, writing letters/emails or taking a walk. Keep doing what you’re doing! WE THANK YOU!

Sending all of our little Falcons BIG hugs!

~Mrs. Bohr, Mrs. Glanzmann, Mrs. Gulick, Mrs. Kerner & Mr. Watt

First Grade

Hello first grade students and parents:

We hope you are busy in remote learning activities posted on Google Classroom. Please continue to log onto RazKids, Dreambox and Origo. Remember to read each day and get plenty of exercise. We are working on more review activities for the next "choice board" for you. Remember to spend an hour on remote learning!

Reading and math are used when cooking. So here is a recipe for pizzas:

You will need: 6 slices of bread, 1 cup pizza sauce, 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese and ½ cup mini pepperonis. Preheat oven at 350*. Place bread on a baking sheet and spread pizza sauce onto bread. Top with pepperoni and cheese. Place in oven and bake until cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy.

Missing you so much,

-- Mrs. Babineau, Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Greene, Ms. Gomez & Mr. Leonard

Second Grade

Hello again Falcon Families!

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during this difficult time. We hope you are still enjoying the remote learning activities that we have been preparing to assist your child in reviewing and expanding on the skills and concepts that have been covered this year. One learning resource we would like to highlight is the San Diego Zoo virtual field trips. You can go to their website using the link below to watch animals live as they go about their daily activities. Additionally, you can read stories and play games about different animals. Remember to join your teacher’s Google Classroom in order to follow along with our remote learning opportunities and respond to questions posted by your teacher. We miss you and hope that you are all staying safe!


- Mrs. Brown, Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Heller, Mrs. Pacheco & Mrs. Rodriguez

Third Grade

Please click here to view this week's Third Grade information.

- Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. Formica, Mrs. Hendon, Ms. McCeney & Mrs. A. Watt

Fourth Grade

In 4th Grade, Remote Learning moves forward RAIN or SHINE!

Students continue to access "choice board" activities in Google Classroom to review all subject skills previously taught this year. In VA Studies, our focus is on Native Americans utilizing good reading strategies and graphic organizers. In Science, we will be graphing, inventing games and predicting the weather. A fraction review will be highlighted in mathematics for the next upcoming weeks. Remember to check out all digital apps in CLEVER for other fun and engaging activities.

Additionally, muscle memory is not just for sports, it’s for learning too. Your brain is a muscle and the more you practice the stronger your brain becomes.

How to Grow Your Brain https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/learnstorm-growth-mindset-activities-us/elementary-and-middle-school-activities/your-brain-and-growth-mindset/a/how-to-grow-your-brain

Have fun flexing your brain!!

- Mrs. Brizendine, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. O'Brien & Mrs. M. Watt

Fifth Grade

Are you a poet and you don’t know it? Shel Silverstein is an author that has some fun poems. April is National Poetry Month. Fifth Grade teachers are looking for some creativity from our students. We are giving a CHALLENGE to our students! Read the “Homework machine” by Shel Silverstein https://allpoetry.com/poem/14374597-The-Homework-Machine-by-Shel-Silverstein and respond in a variety of ways. Write a poem about a machine, create a “machine” with recycled objects or complete the squiggle art project https://www.boredpanda.com/a-squiggle-a-day-helps-a-board-panda-to-doodle-the-day-away-this-is-a-challenge-people/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic. All the details are in our Google Classrooms for the literacy choice board. We can’t wait to see and read what you create!

- Ms. Burford, Mrs. Folson, Mrs. Joseph-Butler, Ms. Ransom & Mrs. Satterwhite

English As A Second Language

We really miss seeing our ESOL students every day!

Please make sure you are logging on to Clever so you can visit your teacher's Google Classroom. There are lots of great activities for you to do at home. Parents, feel free to reach out using the Talking Points app. This app allows us to communicate with you by translating our messages to your home language. You can reply in your home language and the app will translate the message in English for us. Please email us for more information. We are also here to help with anything you need.

Mrs. Miles (Ms. Wainwright)- milesch@staffordschools.net

Mrs. Sherba- sherbabe@staffordschools.net


Ingles como segundo lenguaje

¡Realmente extrañamos ver a nuestros estudiantes de ESOL todos los días!

Asegúrate de iniciar sesión en Clever para poder visitar Google Classroom de tu profesor. Hay muchas actividades geniales para hacer en casa. Padres, no duden en comunicarse con la aplicación Talking Points. Esta aplicación nos permite comunicarnos con usted traduciendo nuestros mensajes al idioma de su hogar. Puede responder en el idioma de su hogar y la aplicación traducirá el mensaje en inglés para nosotros. Por favor envíenos un correo electrónico para más información. También estamos aquí para ayudarlo con todo lo que necesite.

Mrs. Miles (Ms. Wainwright)- milesch@staffordschools.net

Mrs. Sherba- sherbabe@staffordschools.net

Clinic News

As we transition into the last quarter of our school year, please know that I am still available to answer any questions in regards to your student's health! You can email me at krushinskiam@staffordschools.net and I will return your email within 24 hours. My office hours will be from Monday-Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm.

We have had two successful medication pick ups at FES within the last month! If your student still has medication in the clinic, I will be reaching out to you personally to discuss how we can safely get the medication returned to you by the end of the school year.

Please use the following resources to access reputable information in regards to COVID-19.

SCPS Health Services Website: https://www.staffordschools.net/Page/29163

CDC Website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

American Academy of Pediatrics Website: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/chest-lungs/Pages/2019-Novel-Coronavirus.aspx

I hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy.

Nurse Anna

Counselor Links

Here are some links for additional info from our Counselors:

Coping during COVID-19:

Helping Children Feel Safe in Stressful Times

Positive Parenting: 10 Tips to Help Feel Calm at Home

Helping Children During Stressful Times

Counseling (Guidance Lessons & Family Support Information)

Guidance Lessons & Family Support

PE Power

Hello Falmouth Falcon Nation! Mr. Brown and Mr. E checking in here and hoping everyone is happy, healthy and safe. We also hope that all of our students are finding ways, traditional or creative, to get some exercise at home.

We trust that almost all of you are going to your classroom teacher’s google classroom page daily so that you continue to grow academically. While checking in with your teacher, please notice that your PE teachers are posting a couple videos each week in which we will explain some activities that you can do at home. Hopefully while you are watching the video and trying our suggested activity, you think that you are hanging out with Mr. Brown and Mr. E just like an ordinary PE day.

Click here to view videos from Mr. E and Mr. Brown.

Mr. Emerson emersonda@staffordschools.net

Mr. Brown brownhk@staffordschools.net

Library Learning

Check out some of these fun library resources:

  1. Sora - Provides you with access to eBooks and audiobooks. Your child can access Sora when signed into Google by clicking on the waffle and scrolling to the bottom.

  2. World Book Online - Click here and type falmouth1 for log-in and falcons for password. WBO is an engaging encyclopedia for all ages. Early World of Learning is good for kindergarten and first grades and Kids is good for our other grades.

  3. Mo Willems Lunch Doodles - Click here to hang out with beloved children’s author Mo Willems in his studio and learn how to doodle some of his characters.

  4. Draw Every Day with JJK - Click here to hang out and illustrate with best-selling author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka.

  5. Dav Pilkey at Home - Click here to get fun activities relating to many of our students’ favorite series DogMan.

County Encore and Makerspace activities can be found here:



April is National Poetry Month:

Create a spring acrostic by choosing a word (your name or a spring word) and use each letter in that word to start a line of poetry about springtime. Want to try writing a spring haiku? Click here and use it as a guide. Have your words create images for the reader.

Need Help or Have Questions:

E-mail Mr. Ward at wardjd@staffordschools.net

Creativity Corner

Please read Mrs. Clark's info by clicking here.

Mrs. Clark, Art Teacher

Math Specialist

Playing Games

At this time, we are all home and feeling stressed. Your children are displaced from their normal routines. They can’t even play with or sometimes even see their friends. Doing school work can be very stressful. One good way to work on math skills is to play board games. Some skills that will be applied are: counting with younger children, numeral recognition, counting up and counting down. Older children can play games that implement other skills such as: the game Battleship works on reading a coordinate grid, Monopoly teaches you how to count money as well as manage money, and Clue is amazing for critical thinking and reasoning. There is a Clue Junior for younger children that is excellent for critical thinking. While playing games, you are also teaching them to be good winners as well as good losers which is a valuable life skill. Take stress off you and your family right now. Play games, ride bikes, throw a ball and just love the time you can spend with your children.

Ms. Smetts, Math Specialist

Reading Specialists

A Message from the FES Reading Room

Looking for a book to read?

We hope you are enjoying time to read, but we know you may be missing being able to check out books from the library. Fortunately, there are several online book sites that you can access right from home!

  • TumbleBooks gives you online access to story books, read alouds, graphic novels, and Ebooks (including early readers and chapter books). So many great choices!

  • Benchmark Universe (accessed through Clever) gives you access to all of the books in our reading series, from kindergarten through fifth grade. You can choose either to read a book or listen to it. Reread one of your favorites or discover something new!

  • myON (username: readnow password: myon) gives you access to thousands of books! You can select by category (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel) or by topic (animals, sports, history, science, to name just a few!) What a great library of books!

Enjoy this time to read! We can’t wait to see you soon and hear all about your reading adventures. Where will reading take you this week?

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Hall, Reading Specialists


Happy Spring! I miss seeing your smiling faces everyday! I hope you are enjoying all the great lessons put together for you! Be sure to access all of these activities on Google Classroom. I hope you are also enjoying this time playing, reading a good book, and being creative. I can’t wait to see your faces again! Keep up the great work!

Parents, do not hesitate to also reach out through email. I appreciate your patience!

Mrs. Pickett- pickettjk@staffordschools.net


As people are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Common Sense Media has launched a new webpage compiling extensive resources for parents/families, with best practices for learning at home, keeping kids supervised and engaged, safeguarding physical and mental wellness, and much more. The Common Sense Media Parenting Resource Page for the coronavirus includes useful and timely information on a variety of topics such as:

  • age-appropriate media and books lists

  • resources for learning at home and homework help

  • guidance for understanding COVID-19 news coverage and helping kids to process what is happening

  • movement games and wellness apps

  • how-to Spanish language resources

Mr. DuPont (FES ITRT)

Mental Health and Emergency Resources For Families

Mental Health America of Fredericksburg


National Counseling Group


Mental Health Provider Local List


Rappahannock United Way


Legal Aid Works


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Community Ministry Center (food)


Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank (food)


2-1-1 Virginia




Kristen Kainu, MSW

School Social Worker