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February 2018

Important Dates


Friday, Feb. 2

Box Tops Due

Monday, Feb. 5

Kindergarten Math DPM begins

PTO Board Meeting (9:30 am)

Tuesday, Feb. 6

Robison Name That Book Final Competition (9:00 am)

Wednesday, Feb. 7

Chess Club (7:45)

1st Grade Math DPM

E-Track Session #4 (3:00-3:45)

Thursday, Feb. 8

Student Council Officers' Meeting (7:50 am)

1st Grade Math DPM continues

District Spelling Bee @ Berry Center (Good Luck to Lucas Martins)

Friday, Feb. 9

Cultural Celebrations (2nd)

Garden Day (5th)

Robison Bingo Night @ CyWoods High School, Doors open at 5:30 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 13

E-Track Session #5 (3:00-3:45)

2nd Grade Program (7:00 pm)

Papa John's Spirit Night

Wednesday, Feb. 14

Kids Invite Someone Special (K.I.S.S.) Lunches for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 4th grade

Students may bring valentines for their class. Students will open valentines near the end of the day. A treat will be provided for the students.

Thursday, Feb. 15

Student Council Members Meeting (7:50 am)

Kids Invite Someone Special (K.I.S.S.) Lunches for 2nd grade, 3rd grade @, and 5th grade

Friday, Feb. 16

WATCH D.O.G.S. Donuts with Dad (7:30 am)--RSVP form will go home January 26

Monday, Feb. 19

Make-Up Day--School is in session!

Tuesday, Feb. 20

4th Grade Writing and 5th Grade Math Benchmark--We are unable to accommodate visitors on this day

Wednesday, Feb. 21

5th Reading Benchmark--We are unable to accommodate visitors on this day

Progress Reports

Friday, Feb. 23

100th Day of School

Garden Day (2nd)

Wear college shirts

Tuesday, Feb. 27

District Name That Book Competiton @ the Berry Center (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, Feb. 28

Chess Club (7:45)


Thursday, March 1

Student Council Officers Meeting (7:50 am)

E-Track (3:00-3:45)

Friday, March 2

Box Tops Collection Day

Texas Day (4th)

Monday, March 5

Field Day T-shirt Orders Due

Tuesday, March 6

STAAR Information Meeting for Parents (9 am or 6 pm)

Wednesday, March 7

Chess Club (7:45)

Thursday, March 8

Spring Pictures

Friday, March 9

Garden Day (2nd)

Student Council Meeting (7:50 am)

Growth & Development Presentation (4th & 5th grade)

March 12-16 SPRING BREAK

Tuesday, March 20

Science Exploration Hour (6:00-7:00 pm)- More information to come

Wednesday, March 21

Chess Club (7:45)

Recorder Concer for 3rd Grade (9:40 am--during large group)

Thursday, March 22

Kindergarten "graduation" pictures

5th Grade Class Picture

Friday, March 23

Parent Focus Group Meeting (9:00 am)

Garden Day (Kindergarten)

Wear College Shirts

ROCKET FEST (5:00-9:00PM)- Fundraiser and Family Festival

Saturday, March 24

Superintendent's Fun Run (see flyer)

Monday, March 26

3rd & 4th Math Benchmark (We are unable to accommodate visitors on this day)

Tuesday, March 27

3rd & 4th Reading Benchmark (We are unable to accommodate visitors on this day)

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd to Science Resource Center (homeroom classes to be determined)

Wednesday, March 28

5th Science Benchmark (We are unable to accommodate visitors on this day)

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd to Science Resource Center (homeroom classes to be determined)

Robison Chess Tournament (5:00 pm)

Thursday, March 29

End of 3rd Grading Period

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd to Science Resource Center (homeroom classes to be determined)

Friday, March 30


Benchmark Testing Days

The dates for our benchmarks that all 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students are shown above. Due to schedule changes and the testing occurring throughout the building, we are unable to accommodate visitors (including lunch visitors) on these days. We appreciate your understanding.

Benchmark Testing Dates

February 20

February 21

March 26

March 27

March 28

Rodeo Art Contest Winners

A very big congratulations to our Robison artists, especially to kindergarten student Kevin Salmeron for receiving a Finalist Best of Show ribbon! Congratulations to 5th grader Andrea Urena for a third place ribbon in her grade level group overall! Great job to all Robison students for their continued participation in the HLSR Art Competition each year. A special congratulations to a former Robison student, 7th grader, Celeste Moreno for receiving the gold medal this year!

Big picture
Big picture

Elementary District Art Exhibition

Wonderful artwork from over 25 Robison art students will be showcased at the Elementary District Art Exhibition on Thursday, February 8, 2018, 6:30-8: 30 pm. @ CFISD Instructional Support Center, 10300 Jones Rd. Please show your support for our young artists and stop by to view all artwork currently on display!

School Report Card

The State of Texas 2016-17 School Report Card for Robison Elementary has been publically released and is now posted on our campus website.

This is a report required by the Texas Legislature and prepared by the Texas Education Agency. It is to be sent to the parent or guardian of every child enrolled in a Texas public school. The report provides information concerning student performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as information on student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures.

The School Report Cards can be found online at:

About Us

School Ratings

Select Campus Name

Select 2016-17

Click Filter

Click 2016-17 State School Report Card

If you do not have access to the internet to view the School Report Card online, please call 281-213-1700 to request the School Report Card be sent home with your child. You may also visit the main office and request to view or have a copy of the School Report Card provided to you.

Please feel free to contact Kelly Gerletti at Robison Elementary (281-213-1700) if you have any questions regarding the School Report Card.

Field Day T-shirts

Our field days will take place on April 24, 25, and 26.

This is a fun day when our classes get to participate in a friendly competition. Each grade level will have their own time (either am or pm), and parents are invited and encouraged to attend.


Tuesday, April 24 (AM-Kindergarten; PM-1st grade)

Wednesday, April 25 (AM- 2nd grade; PM-3rd grade)

Thursday, April 26 (AM-4th grade; PM-5th grade)

Each homeroom has an assigned color, and t-shirts may be purchased through School Cash for your convenience:

The shirts for purchase will have a Robison Field Day logo design that is printed in white. If you have more than one child, you will need to purchase the shirts separately since they are ordered by homeroom, and they most likely will be different colors. The assigned colors are shown below. A link to a color chart to show the actual color sample is here: You can click on the color choices and the shirt color will change.

Extra shirts will not be ordered, so to secure your shirt(s), please order by the deadline (March 5). Adults are welcome to purchase shirts as well.


LaMontagne- Azalea

Kastor- Charcoal

Huffman- Royal Blue

Harrison- Lime Green

Lowman- Sapphire

Rogers- Purple

Portillo- Red

1st Grade

Grisham- Azalea

Meyer- Violet (Light purple)

Raia- Navy

Herridge- Royal Blue

Gross- Lime Green

Fritcher- Sapphire

Rother- Purple

Gunn- Red

2nd Grade

Lieberman- Azalea

Russi- Irish Green

Hamann- Navy

Felicia- Royal Blue

Green- Sapphire

Wisener- Red

Brown- Lime Green

3rd Grade

Smith- Azalea

Cohen- Charcoal

Evans- Navy

Hussey- Orange

Stegent- Royal Blue

Wheatley- Lime Green

Quisenberry- Sapphire

Kubis- Purple

Winkelmann- Red

4th Grade

Judson- Azalea

Snowdon- Irish Green

Tannous- Navy

Tryon- Violet (light purple)

Kruse- Royal

Moran- Lime Green

Sharp- Sapphire

Webber- Red

Sims- Purple

5th Grade

Launikitis- Azalea

Henning- Charcoal

Dempsey- Irish Green

Decker- Navy

Yount- Lime Green

Strahan- Sapphire

Moreland- Red

Weiman- Royal

K.I.S.S. Lunches

K.I.S.S. stands for "Kids Invite Someone Special". On February 14 or15, all students will have the opportunity to invite someone special to eat lunch with them. In order to accommodate for the larger crowds, guests must attend on the student's assigned day. Students that do not have guests will eat with their friends in their classroom to make sure we have plenty of room for our guests. This year our fire marshal required us to make some changes to our seating in the cafeteria, and we removed approximately 8 tables. Due to seat availability, we will only have our students with guests eating in the cafeteria on their assigned K.I.S.S. Lunch day. On the day that is not their assigned day, ALL students will eat in their classrooms. We are not able to accommodate guests on the day the students eat in their classrooms.

Please see the schedule below for dates and times.

Valentine's Day

On February 14, all students may bring valentines for their class. Teachers will communicate with their parents to let them know the number of students in the class. Students will be decorating Valentine's bags at school and near the end of the day on February 14, they will get to open their valentines. We will also bring a special cookie and drink to the classrooms (students will allergies will be included with appropriate allergy-free treats). This is a special "student-only" party. Our end of year parties will allow for parents as guests.

Student Achievements

Each grading period, our Kindergarten through 5th-grade students have the opportunity to earn awards. All students receive a special keychain to use to collect their awards, which are called spirit sticks. Our kindergarten and 1st-grade students are able to earn two spirit sticks per grading period--one for perfect attendance, and the other for good citizenship (all S's in work habits and conduct). Our 2nd-5th-grade students are able to earn the perfect attendance and good citizenship awards, as well as an award for All A Honor Roll or the A/B Honor Roll. These awards are given out in the classrooms by the homeroom teacher. In addition to these awards, each teacher selects two students per grading period to recognize for a special achievement, and these students receive the "Star Student" award. We are very proud of all of the great effort that your students have put forth in order to achieve their goals!

Pennies for Patients

Robison Student Council is sponsoring a Pennies for Patients campaign that started February 1st and ends February 16th. We have set a goal of $1500.00 this year.

The money collected goes to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and directly impacts patients in our area. Their research has helped save many lives already!

Please consider donating so that Robison can meet our goal and ultimately help end cancer.


We are excited for our students to have the opportunity to participate in enrichment tracks (E-Track) again this year. If you are new to Robison, E-track is another name for enrichment clusters. Enrichment clusters are groups of students who share common interests and come together during specially designated time blocks to pursue interests. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to discover and cultivate their interests and passions through innovative learning experiences that inspire them to add value to their community and world. Students in 2nd-5th grade have made their selections based upon the choices for their grade level. Our kindergarten and first-grade students will be rotating with their homeroom classes to other teachers' rooms to participate in a modified version of E-track. We will have another E-track session in May. Our first E-track session will begin January 17 and will conclude February 13. E-track will take place from 3:00 to 3:45 on the scheduled dates. We certainly don't want any students to miss out on these special days, so here are the dates for our first session: January 17, January 24, January 31, February 7, and February 13. We will keep you posted and share pictures once this begins!

Writing Gallery News

For the next few weeks at Robison, we are spotlighting some “prompt based” writing from students in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades. Students were given a specific “prompt” to write to, and while some writing might be personal narrative in style, other students’ writing might be written to address an expository prompt... But what they have in common is that the papers are all a delight to read...not to mention well written!

The Writing Gallery is in the front hall of the school. Our student authors would love to have you visit.

Checking Out Students During the Day

Thank you for making your child's attendance at school a priority. We recognize that there are times that your child must be checked out during the school day. With many new families new to our school community, we thought it would be helpful to explain our checkout procedures. If your child attends a daycare after school, please notify them if you are checking your child out early for the day.

Planned Appointments

If your child has a scheduled appointment, please send a note with him/her that morning. Your child will bring the note to the front office, and their teacher will receive a nametag to give your student that reminds them of what time to report to the front office. You will need to come to the front office to sign out your child. Please be sure to bring your driver's license.

Unplanned Appointments or Emergency Situations

Please call the front desk by 2:30 pm in order to ensure the front office staff has enough time to notify the teacher to make them aware of the transportation change. We do our best to avoid classroom interruptions; therefore, we prefer to avoid using the intercom to call for students. As you can imagine, the end of the day gets busy with checkouts; therefore, the earlier the notification you are able to give the staff, the better. As always, your child's safety is our priority, and we want to make sure that transportation is accurate for each of our students.

Library News

Name That Book

The Name That Book final competition will take place on Feb. 6th at 9 AM in the library. This will determine which team moves on to the district-level competition on Feb. 27th at 5:30 PM. Best of luck to all finalists! Thanks to all participants who have been faithfully reading since October for this amazing challenge.

Reading Incentives

World Series challenge is going strong for grades 2-5th. Fifteen great sports prizes will be drawn on Feb. 26th for those lucky winners who completed their forms and turned them in by Feb. 23rd.

Six Flags Read to Succeed –This is a free program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. Every student who completes six hours/360 minutes of recreational reading before February 27, 2018, must turn in their completed forms to their teacher. The teacher will submit names to Six Flags. Eligible students will then receive a free student admission ticket in May to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. Late entries will not be accepted. Tickets are not for resale or transferable.

Happy Reading!

2018-2019 School Calendar

The CFISD school board recently approved our instructional calendar for next year.

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Donuts With Dad

We are looking forward to a fun morning on Friday, February 16 @ 7:30 am. Dads and their students are invited to come for donuts and the fathers will have the opportunity to hear from one another about their experiences with the program. If you are interested in learning more about WATCH D.O.G.S., we hope you will be able to join us! If you've already volunteered, please feel free to join us, and we hope that you will be willing to share your experiences with others. RSVP forms were sent home with all students. Please return those by the due date, February 9, so that we will be sure to have enough donuts on hand. :)

PTO News

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