By: Nicolas Rangel

Lets make class of 8th grade great again


My chosen style of Government is based on Democracy, due to the fact that these style makes people have there own choices and lead the lifestyle that they want. Citizens have the liberty to express there opinions without being punsihed and they could choose to do whatever they want.With democracy people could share their issues with the country and the government will solve it for them. Vote for me and we will make class good again!


  1. Food is allowed if you clean.
  2. Headphones at every time but if Mr.B is speaking you need to have them off.
  3. Everyday someone is allowed to put music for the whole class.
  4. No homework if you behave.
  5. Movies on friday if you work the other days.

Democracy is better than other parties

Democracy is better than socialism in different ways for example, disadvantages of socialism is that you have a lower economic growth, that leads to lower opportunities for students and for workers, and in the end you have lower expectations and opportunities. In democracy we protect the citizens economical issues. Generally, democracy focus on equality, meaning that all citizens are equal regarding all laws. All human beings have the right to experience and enjoy equal political, social and economic rights, and the state is not allowed to reject or ignore them on the standard of sex, class, religion and property.