Tech Time Newsletter

April 12, 2016

Classroom News

  • Kindergarten will create a storyboard for their Mother's Day card.
  • First grade will explore hour of code.
  • Second grade will edit their inventor presentations.
  • Third grade will print animal magazines and create BE Exchange Ads.
  • Fourth grade will explore hour of code.
  • Fifth grade will really finish book trailers.

How do I instruct Belmont students to log into Google?

Below is a step by step picture process on how I instruct our students to log into their Google accounts.

Student Selector & Team Creator Tools and Apps

A few of you mentioned you received iTunes gift cards and were not sure what apps to buy for your class. The link below takes you to an article written by a teacher technology nerd, her words not mine, with multiple ideas for student selector and team creator tools and apps. Her list is comprehensive with website based tools as well as apps for purchase. Keep in mind that these tools don't have to be limited to names

and that you can enter lists of numbers, vocabulary words, research paper topics,

characters in a story-basically anything you can create a list of.

The possibilities are endless!

The Voice Of the American Teacher

In my final master's graduate class, we are exploring teacher leadership. I discovered the poetry and writings of Robert John Meehan in my web site wanderings. His book, Teacher's Journey/The Road Less Traveled, has a way of bringing the focus of the American public to a deeper understanding of both the rigors and compassion found in today's classroom. I found this quote and am sharing my thanks to all of you for inspiring me each day to be not only a better teacher but a better person than the day before.
Big image

And a link for you to sample one of his fabulous poems