The Enormous Egg

Chloe McNutt

Chapter 1

There is a boy named Nate who lives on a farm in Freedom,New Hampshire.

He has a rooster named Ezekiel,Nate's sister,Cynthia hates him!(The Rooster.)Suddenly in June they noticed something strange about the Hen.She had layed a large egg!

chapter 2

Nate and his family sure have a surprise!The news-truck comes and takes pictures for the news-paper and his family became quite famous in their small town.they became super exited and Cynthia was posing with the chickens and feeding them some food.

Of course Cynthia was exited.She loves all of the attention just because she is all ways

the center stage of everything.Nate gets so ticked off but he got in some pictures too!!!

chapter 3

Nate's Hen had been sitting on the egg for a month and a half.A man named Dr.Ziemer saw

Nate fishing in the pond and swam towards him.Dr.Ziemer asked Nate if he wanted a sandwich.Nate said that he could eat at his house with him.Dr.Ziemer that it would be just fine with him.So they went to Nate's house and ate some lunch.Dr.Ziemer said that he collected eggs and Nate said that he had an unusual egg.Dr.Ziemer went to look at it

He said that it might be a real live dinosaur egg!

chapter 4

Dr.Ziemer said,"The egg will definitly hatch in some time."Nate was getting very anxious

what was in it.The egg took more than five weeks!Nate didn't want to wait for the egg to hatch!The family started talking about Dr.Ziemer.Cynthia said,"I can just imagine him asking the egg to stick out its tongue and say"ah."

chapter 5

The egg hatched!Dr.Ziemer came quick and he examined the egg."My,My!",He said."You guys hatched out a real-live dinosaur!",He said then."This is amazing!",He said after that.

Mrs.Twitchell noticed that they were still