OTI Primary Update


Moving into 'SAT Season'

De-mystifying success criteria, seeing the 'Big Picture', developing learners skills are all extremely important, especially as they move into their SAT's. We hope that some of the ideas we discuss in the OTI programme are useful during the countdown to their tests. How can we help them to demystify the journey and make them better 'Detectives of Learning'.

Level Up Questioning

Many teachers like to have a variety of proof seeking questions in their questioning arsenal. Used regularly, they can help teachers to avoid assuming that learning is taking place. The ideas within this 4by4 come from teachers who have gone through the Outstanding Teaching Intervention (OTI).





Teaching Backwards - Starting Points

If you are going to plan a journey, you need to be clear on your own starting point before you consider the route you need to take. Teaching a class is like taking the children on a journey. The most effective teachers use feedback from the learners themselves to plan the learning journey for their classes. Are you asking them what they still do not understand or are struggling with? What would they like to work on? Mark explains below Feedback which provides a level of detail that progress data doesn't usually provide...



When metaphors like the 'PIT' go viral across the school you see innovation around a shared language for learning. Here are a few of cohort 3's master pieces at Carrwood Primary School. Lovely to hear the children speaking openly about where they are at and what they will do next to get out of the PIT.