Apps For Learning!

The New Age of Learning Has Begun


This app is made for students and teachers to have real time discussions about school topics. It is also a great platform for a student to get their own point across to students that are also connected within the app. The great thing about this app is for students to be alb to critique one another, help solve problems, and to learn from their mistakes to make their assignments better!


Skype is a video chat service that teachers may use to really help expose their students to other classrooms anywhere in the world! Thanks to Skype, students can now learn from other students across the globe and explore different cultures all through the power of video chatting!


This is an application which students may post and share sticky notes to other students within their group. It is like Google docs however, it is much simpler and user-friendly. It is a great resource for students who can never meet up and work together due to time constraints or other extra curricular activities. Please check out the following link if you are interest in finding out more!
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