English December Project

Accepting and Acknowledging Diversity

What's wrong with the world today?

It's obvious that no one wants to be bullied, especially because of who they are. We believe that we can't have world peace until everyone accepts each other for who they are. Just because someone has a different race, should they be excluded? If a kid is in a wheelchair should you treat them different than your friend? How can this be fixed?

The Statistics

Let's get past the hard facts first:

1 in 5 teens is involved in some form of bullying.

As a result, the victims are 3.12% more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death.

So, why?

A common phrase says that when somebody is being rude, it is because they are afraid of the differences in that person.


These people are most likely conscious of their words and/or actions. This is the way they have been raised. That is the right answer.

This is what they have been surrounded with.

Think about it: when a child is shown that it's okay to tease another person, they will do it themselves.

The Lesson Behind It

In a nutshell, the movie is trying to teach us that no matter how we look on the outside, what is on the inside could be completely opposite.

This is what bullying is about, basically. Nobody is looking past the outside, which gets us to the general problems of bullying:

This Is A Problem Everywhere -- Virginia Too!

Bullying Example

Eric Martin, a freshman at Highland Springs High School, was a victim of bullying when kids started teasing him for his relationship preference. He got so angry at the bullies one day that he got into a fight.

It put him in the hospital.

Following this, more than 100,000 signatures were added to an anti-bullying petition. This petition was rejected-- so though a fight against bullying commenced, it was turned down.

The Misfortune Is Endless

Bullying was unfortunately turned to an autistic girl named Mano. She came home and would tearfully explain to her mother what happened at school.

She said that the kids would make fun of her and point at her -- judging simply the way she talked and walked.

It is dreadful that her classmates would tease her for being autistic. It was nothing she chose to be.

But why are they making fun of her? They learned to be that way.

For Adults, Too?

A survey on CareerBuilder.com revealed that bullying in the workplace remained an issue.

Wait, what? ADULTS?

Yes. Nobody bothered to teach these people the right things when they were younger, and so they still demonstrated bullying in the workplace.

Basically in this article on the Richmond Times Dispatch, bullying still occurs with finger pointing and rude dismissals. It's all very immature and terrible. Everyone wants to have a job they enjoy, yet others are ruining it for them.

What's interesting?

National Geographic describes long-term effects on bullies and the bullied. According to Duke University, young adults show long-term ill effects after being bullies in childhood. Being bullied as a child can give you long term health problems such as anxiety disorders, panic disorder and depression. Occasionally, being bullied can cause someone to become a bully. These people have the worst long-term emotional problems and poor health outcomes.

Our solution

There are already programs trying to stop bullying, but this problem is much bigger. Tons of children are raised to dislike certain races or religions, and some can't help but feel uncomfortable about diversity. We have come up with a way to combine all kids, even those who don't mind diversity, to find a new perspective about the people around them. A program that every grade level class would participate in. Kids can share their culture with their classmates and have fun doing it. With the recent burst of immigrants, they can expect to learn all about new foods, customs, and every day lives of those around them.

This will help kids connect with each other and learn to accept people no matter who they are

How will this help?

Obviously this isn't going to immediately change the world. But, this new generation of children contains some future presidents, senators, and members of the peace core. If we can enforce a better understanding of the world now, we can ease racism and hopefully form closer bonds with other countries later on.

Alyssa Pasini and Taylor Mauro are the MASTER MINDS behind this idea