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Constitutional period

Events of the Constitutional period

The Virginia Plan written by James Madison was primarily based on population. It also states that there should be three equal branches of government.It favored larger states containing voting and the number of representatives. This document proposed a separation of powers divided into three branches. It also describes two houses for the Legislative branch. Central government consists of three equal branches of government with numeral checks and balances to avoid abusing power. Our government three branches such as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. The legislative branch is made up of two houses such senate and the house of representatives, their job is make the laws. The Executive branch led by the president of the united states, they're duty is to make laws official, give the "ok". The Judicial branch explains the constitution and laws through congress. The Virginia Declaration of Rights written by George Madison states that basic human rights shouldn't be violated by governments. Meaning that 'Men" inherent rights.The Va Declaration of Rights was adopted 1776 by the constitutional convention of the colony of Virginia. This document was drafted 1776 to proclaim rights of men. The Virginia Declaration of Rights declared that all men by nature equally free and independent and have certain rights.


James Madison, the very first at the convention renowned, "Father of the constitution". While waiting for the others he began drifting a blueprint which become known as the Virginia plan also establishing the three branches of government. George Mason was the principle author of the Virginia declaration of rights. George mason was influenced by declaration of independence written by Thomas Jefferson.These documents made such an influence; equal power within the government, votes were represented properly, and declaring all men are equal.