Presidential Election

By Jekshua Rincon

Barack Obama

Democratic party
  • Health Care. He support the people should have health care. he want to to have the medical attention they want, and he want to to make it affordable to the poor.
  • Tax. Obama want to make the higher class to pay more taxes, because they are make a lot of more money, than the middle class. Right now the middle class are struggling to pay for the house, health care, and food for the family, so Obama want to make middle class to pay less.
  • Abortion. Obama support is women abortion. Abortion is a huge topic, because people say that when you have an abortion you are killing a human that can contribute to the country. Obama want every one to have a chance to live, and not die.

Mitt Romney

Republican Party
Romney has a 5 point plan to help America economy.
  • Job. He is going to get America 12 million jobs so people can get the money they need, and by get a job it help our economy.
  • Fossil fuel. he want the people to control the price of the gas. Mitt Romney want the people to control the price instead of the government. By letting the people control the prices are going to go down, and he want more people to buy more gas.
  • Obama Care Another thing is that Mitt Romney want to get rid of Obama Care. the Obama care is people can get health care for a cheap price. Romney want to get rid of it because of the 10th Amendment. he say that “the responsibility of healthcare to the people in the states”. Mitt Romney does not want to deal with health care when he running for President.
  • Tax. Romney want the Tax to go down, because the more money in your pouch, the more you spend on, like you buying more thing, or hiring people.
  • Abortion. Romney want the people to chose if they want the baby our not.

My Opinion

I think that Obama is going to win, because right now Romney is starting to studier a lot, and miss mistaking himself over and over. So Obama is going to win by a long shot.
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On October 17 2012 Obama is at 44.0, and Mitt Romney is at 44.4. Mitt Romney is wining by 0.4, and rising.
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