William James

Effect on Psychology


William was born into a family where his father was deeply interested in psychology. He traveled around Europe to attend only the best schools offered. Originally, he drove to be a painter but soon after beginning his studies he decided to discontinue with it and then enrolled at Harvard to study chemistry.

Contributions/studies in Psychology

While attending Harvard, he began studying under the work of Hermann Von Helmholtz. This is when he began getting interested in Psychology. He soon became very interested in why we behave the way we do. These things describe what functionalism is. This would soon become the focus of his studies and lead the writing of a few books. One of these books was called the The Principals of Psychology and this was his studies which is not forgotten today. He became the founder of the first Psychology Laboratories in America and a reason we know today that some people have mental disorders instead of with they thought of people before the study, insanity.

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